30 Minute Abs & Core Workout Class

Abs Class
(Mat, dumbbells, stability ball and medicine balls if only a few people)

45 seconds jumping jacks
30 seconds butt kicks
30 seconds high knees
30 seconds side to side
12 deadlifts (mixed)
1x Dumbell side leans

Stretch out

1x crunches superset
10 seconds reverse bridge
10 seconds hold L
10 opposite shoulder touches
10 second planks

 Stretch out

5x5 Quadripeds
10 seconds one arm bent supports
8 seconds one arm bent supports
8 one arm supports
4x Lower back raises 5 seconds
10x 1 arm/1 leg raises on stomach
10x twisting crunches on each side
10x suitcases
10 seconds bridges
10 seconds butterfly kicks

5x5 Quadripeds
1x bent arm supports
1x bent arm support reps
5x crunch superset
1 legged straight crunches
10 seconds butterfly kicks
10 seconds bicycles
10 seconds bridge
5x twist crunches on each side
6x 1 legged crunches

5x Pushups with twists on each side
6x walkouts
8x Straight arm supports on each arm (hold last one)
8x Quadriped reps
10 opposite shoulder touches
10 seconds planks
10 seconds bent arm side supports
5 seconds bent arm side supports

15x crunches
10 reverse crunches
10 seconds hold on back
10 seconds planks


10x side leans on each side

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