Beginner/Intermediate Upper Body & Core Mass Building Workout

General Guidelines:
-Workout should last about an hour
-Breaks between sets will be about 30-60 seconds
-Complete 10-12 repetitions per set
-Use the heaviest weight you can do for every rep with good form
-Breathe during each repetition!!!
-Protein and Sugars immediately after each workout!
-Except for the warm-up, exercises aren't necessarily done in the order they are written. For instance, you don't do your 3 sets of Lat Pulldowns in a row. You would do 1 set of lat pulldowns, then 1 set of row machine, then 1 set up curls, then maybe back to your 2nd set of lat pulldowns.

(x = 1 set)
Workout 1.0:
1x Warmup set of pushups (15-20 reps)
3x Lat Pulldowns (approx. 90 lbs)
3x Row Machine (approx. 80 lbs)
3x Dumbbell Bicep Curls (20 lb dumbbells)
3x Dumbbell Hammer Curls (20 lb dumbbells)
3x Updward Rows (12-15 lb dumbbells)
3x Dumbbell Shrugs (50 lb dumbbells)
3x Single Arm Dumbbell Rows (35 lb dumbbell)
2x Bent Leg Raises on Roman Chair
2x Straight Leg Raises on Roman Chair
3x Straight Arm Pulldowns (approx. 40 lbs)

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