Short List of Healthier Frugal Restaurant Meal Choices

Sorry the McRib isn't on the list :(

Tough Combination of Cheap & Healthy = Small List
(These are options besides salads, tea, coffee, water, etc)
Yes there are more out there, but not that many
Women want to get into Jared from Subway's pants

·         Unlimited (light) Soup and Salad
(Olive Garden)

·         Low Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich  (Starbucks)

·         Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/ lettuce and tomato (McDonalds)

·         Chicken Noodle or Vegetable Soup and Whole Grain Baguette (Panera)

·         Grilled Chicken Bucket
(Kentucky Fried Chicken)

·         Stir-Fries with Vegetables, Salmon or Chicken, and Brown Rice
(Fresh City)

·         Grilled Chicken Sandwiches with Vegetables on Whole Wheat Bread

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