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JCORE Accelerated Body Transformation System Review!

This Cheapskate's all smiles & flexes w/ his JCORE Training System
Hey Frugal Fitness Fans! When it comes to Frugal Workouts and fantastic nutrition, it doesn't get much better than fitness kingpin Jay Cardiello and his JCORE program! Jay is a celebrity fitness trainer and industry leader who used to be 50 Cent's personal trainer and chef, and is currently the editor of Shape Magazine! This guy is one of the biggest and best in the fitness realm and there is a reason why, his stuff works! I have been using his system for a couple months now and definitely look and feel stronger, faster, more ripped, and vastly improved endurance!
JCORE is a premium and comprehensive workout and nutrition regimen that will have you reaching your fitness goals in absolutely no time! It is truly an "Accelerated Body Transformation" system! His complete program comes with plenty of amazing workout DVDs of very efficient and intense proven workouts for all levels and goals, delicious pre- workout, during workout, post-workout, and snacking nutritional supplements that will compliment the program and ensure that it gets you the results you want! It even comes with a flash drive with all of your workouts stored on it for epic accountability, portability, accuracy, and compatible with your technology! If you've tried the rest and want to try the best, you gotta give JCORE a shot! FRUGAL FITNESS APPROVED! Booyah and enjoy it my friends!

For more information or to order yours, visit JCOREbody.com

Founder of JCORE, Shape Magazine Editor
and Former Trainer/ Chef to 50 Cent Jay Cardiello!

The Man, The Myth, The Legend!!!

Michael J. Schiemer B.S. CPT
Owner of FRUGAL FITNESS Worldwide Wellness & Elite Cheapskate 
Owner & Personal Trainer of RESULTS Private Fitness Boston, MA
Author of The Frugal Diet, The Frugal Workout, & The Ultimate Fit Guides
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