Frugal Recipe: Honey Strawberry Waffle Sandwich

Contributed By Christie O, Author of Average Moms Wear Capes

Trying out the Honey Berry Waffle for Honey Month Mmmmmmmmm.

Breakfast anyone? It’s honey month all month long and I’m highlighting recipes incorporating honey into them. Which we love so much.
This Honey Berry Waffle Sandwich recipe is now one of my favorites now and I’m SO going to try to figure out how to:
1. incorporate this into my standard brunch menu (homemade waffles perhaps?) and
2. incorporate CHEESE into this. OK that will make it a little less healthy but can’t you just PICTURE some delicious mix of mascarpone in here? You’ll see what I mean in a minute.
This takes very little time to actually make and it’s berry-decadent. Waffles with berries, drenched in a berry honey sauce. TO.DIE.FOR.
Here’s the recipe (feel free to print it out or pin it!)
Unmake-upped at my home “office” with DELICIOUS WAFFLES OHMIGOD!
It was so delicious I had to take a picture to share my excitement because I had no one to tell when I was eating them! I HAD TO SHARE MY GLEE!

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