What is the Best Business Security System? 7 Great Options

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Business security is a big topic these days. A break-in or damage to your business could cost thousands of dollars and lost business.

It’s not just outside thieves that you need to worry about. Employees are responsible for $50 billion of small business theft.

How can you protect your business from both internal and external threats? An effective business security system is a must. 

Take a look at these top business security system options to protect your company and make it more secure.

1. Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is important to see what’s happening in and outside of your property. It can also be used as proof if you need to press charges against someone.

2. Detection Systems

If you fear people lurking around your building during off-hours, you can scare them away with detection systems.

These systems are designed to trigger when there’s motion inside or outside the building.

3. Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are necessary in order to protect your property and the people inside it. A fire can occur at any time and for any reason. A small spark could bring down an entire office building.

A fire alarm system will let the people inside the building know there’s a fire and connect to the authorities.

4. Access and Intercom Systems

For buildings that have a lot of people coming in and out of the building, you want to keep track of who’s entering and when.

That level of security can protect the people inside the business from outside threats. 

5. Cybersecurity for Business

Cybersecurity presents a major threat to your business. The average breach costs small businesses about $200,000. That’s often enough to force a business to close.

A cybersecurity system for your business will prevent unwanted attacks, such as malware installation and ransomware. 

6. Employee Training

Can employee training be considered a security system? It can and should be considered by every business. Employees are responsible for most thefts in your business.

They’re also responsible for the majority of cybersecurity attacks. The reason why is that all they need to do is click on the wrong link. Many employees don’t know what to look for in fraudulent emails.

The next thing you know, they’re sending thousands of dollars to another bank account that can’t be traced.

7. Remote Monitoring

As a business owner, you can’t be at your business 24/7. You have to see customers, attend meetings, and spend a bit of time out of the office.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t see what’s happening in the building while you’re away. Remote monitoring lets you see what is going on no matter where you are.

The Best Options for a Business Security System

These business security system options present plenty of ways for you to keep your company secure. You can implement a combination of security options, starting with employee training.

You can add cybersecurity and access systems to make sure your business has complete security coverage. Internal and external threats to your business will be minimized.

Are you ready for more business security system tips? Head over to the Tech section to learn more about business cyber-security and company data protection.

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