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4C Energy Rush is the most frugal way to enjoy energy drinks or even caffeine in general. Energy drinks are typically a very expensive habit, comparable to paying for premium coffees, except for 4C Energy Rush with Taurine powder. Buying regular energy drinks could cost you a fortune over time, while these energy packets are available at a steep discount.

Let me first say that no I am not sponsored or paid by 4C to review, but I admit that I wish I was! Honestly I should be after a decade and a half of buying their product religiously and referring others to it that are overspending on caffeinated products. 4C Energy Rush is the most underrated and under the radar energy drink option on the market today. I love this product so much it isn't even funny. I have bought these caffeinated packets for 16 years now ever since I realized that each packet had the same exact ingredients (including Caffeine,Taurine, and B-Vitamins) as two 8 oz Sugar Free Red Bull... but at about 25 cents a packet instead of $2.50 or much more for canned / bottled drinks! 4C Energy Rush used to have 3 separate boxes with flavor choices of orange, citrus, or berry with 14 packets in each box (the new Strawberry flavor I loved seems be discontinued permanently now). Now 4C Energy Rush has variety packs with 18 packets in each box for the same price!

Caffeine Content Of 4C Energy Rush Packets

The caffeine content of 4C energy rush is about 160 mg per packet (serving size is 1/2 packet or 80 mg of caffeine). This caffeine content is identical to Sugar Free Red Bull and on par with other popular energy drinks.

What Is The 4C Energy Rush Price And Value?

Each packet of 4C Energy Rush Sugar Free mixes in about 16 oz of water (more or less depending on your tastes, I use about 8 oz), tastes excellent, and gives you a big and convenient pick-me-up with 180 mg of caffeine content. If you like energy drinks (especially sugar-free ones) or you are a fellow caffeine-addict, you definitely need to check out this incredible bargain of a product. Stop paying $2-4+ dollars per can of mainstream energy drinks now when you can buy a box of 18 packets for $2.99-5.99. I have actually gotten 4C Energy Rush packs a few times on sale for $1.99 on rare occasions, but that is less common in 2022 and 2023 due to inflation. 

The only thing cheaper than 4C Energy Rush packs are generic caffeine pills and some very cheap instant coffee bought in bulk (store brand or Maxwell House), but they do not come with the B-vitamins or other stimulant ingredients.

What Flavors Does 4C Energy Rush Come In? 

The 4C Energy Rush comes in 3 flavors now: Berry (available in its own box), Orange, and Citrus (Lemon Lime). These days they most commonly come in a variety pack box of 18 packets, with 6 of each flavor. 

The used to have an amazing Strawberry flavor that came in standalone boxes or in the variety pack, but now I can't find it anywhere and it appears to be discontinued. That was my favorite flavor and actually seemed more micronized than the other flavors, so it dissolved better.

4C Energy Rush Alternatives Are Inferior

Some other companies like Walmart and grocery chains have created their own cheap sugar-free energy drink packet versions in the past and some still do, but (after trying half a dozen of them) in terms of consistent price / quantity / quality, 4C Energy Rush is still the best value 9 times out of 10. Other caffeinated energy drink powder just doesn't do the trick or costs a fortune by comparison. 4 C Energy Rush even a great option for pre-workout energy, B-vitamins, and weight loss assistance since this 0 calorie  180 mg caffeine can help to reduce appetite and boost workout motivation. 

Other Advantages Of 4C Energy Rush Packs 

Aside from the price and minimal sugar / calories, these energy drink powders can be added with as much or as little water as you'd like. This allows you to control the flavor and concentration, which is especially handy if you don't want to drink 8-20 oz of water like many energy drinks out there. You could even a packet or part of a packet to another drink, soda, or energy drink. 

The other advantage is small but potentially significant. Since 4C Energy Rush packets aren't sitting in plastic bottles or aluminum cans for months or years before you drink them, it could spare you possible BPA or aluminum toxin contamination. Add your 4C Energy Rush to a glass or BPA free bottle and enjoy! 

Is 4C Energy Rush Healthy? 

I am not hear to say that 4C Energy Rush powder is healthy by itself. It is very acidic, has artificial sweeteners like sucralose, and stimulant ingredients that could cause side effects in some people. Caffeine can also be very addictive and large amounts could be dangerous. 

What I can confidently say is that 4C Energy Rush packets are healthier than full sugar energy drinks or coffee with large amounts of cream and/or sugar. It is also an FDA approved food product like Sugar Free Red Bull so there is less risk compared to unregulated caffeinated supplements. It is a healthier alternative than many caffeine or stimulant alternatives while also being cheaper and more convenient.

Packs Could Contain Clumps

I would say that the only downside I have noticed is that some 4C flavors (except for Strawberry for some reason, it seems to be a more fine powder) can develop some clumps in the packet. It doesn't affect anything when you mix it in water, but I wanted to make sure this was included in my 4 C energy rush packet review and rating. But that goes for pretty much any caffeinated / pre-workout powder as well that is 10x more expensive. 

And overall just keep in mind that because 4C Energy Rush is a powder, it won't dissolve 100% like a canned or bottled energy drink. That's fine with me, but it might not be ideal for some energy drink connoisseurs. 

4C Energy Rush: Still The Best Bang For Your Buck

4C Energy Rush Packets are still my highest rated and reviewed energy drink powder mix yet because of it's caffeinated potency and cheap price. It's a great option for affordable increased energy, weight loss, and B-vitamins. Enjoy the energy rush for pennies on the dollar! 4C energy rush packet is so affordable, it's on par with bulk instant coffee in terms of caffeine content, but has the added value of taurine, gluconurolactone, and B-vitamins.

4C Energy Rush Pro Tip: Add Emergen-C

If you want to add even more B-vitamins, Vitamin C, and electrolytes to your 4C caffeine rush drink, just add a packet or portion of a packet of Emergen-C powder. It's a great way to add extra cheap antioxidants to your 4C energy drink on a frugal budget. Feel the rush of the cheapest energy drink option on the market today! 

4C Energy Rush Can Be Hard To Find - Possibly On Purpose 

With 4C Energy Rush being such an amazing value, you would think it would be advertised often and featured prominently at stores of all types such as grocery stores, big box stores, and convenience stores. But you'll be lucky if you find 1-2 facings of this product (the variety pack and maybe the blue berry option) at grocery stores, rarely at big box stores, and never at c-stores. That's at least partially because 4C is a relatively small company compared to it's multi-billion dollar energy drink competitors like Monster, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr Pepper / Snapple Group, and other heavy hitters that essentially control shelf space in stores. Those big beverage corporations don't want customers to know that they can get the equivalent of 18 energy drinks in 4C energy rush packets for the price of 2 of their overpriced energy drink cans or bottles. It's not even easy to find it for sale online, or at least not for good prices. 

If you think I'm exaggerating on this point, you've clearly never worked in the retail, grocery, or c-store space where these multi-billion dollar beverage companies reign supreme.

Avoid 4C Energy Rush With Alcohol As A Cheap "Red Bull And Vodka" Alternative 

Yes 4C Energy Rush has nearly identical ingredients to sugar free Red Bull energy drinks at a small fraction of the cost, but I wouldn't advise mixing it with alcohol like cheap vodka. The stimulant effect of caffeine, along with other stimulants like Taurine and gluconurolactone, directly go against the depressant alcohol, which isn't good for your brain or heart, although you will save a lot of money at least. Unfortunately I know from experience (myself and roommates) from my college days that mixing energy packets and hard alcohol doesn't end up well. It amounts to a lot of craziness and poor decisions in most cases, but is obviously no worse than Sugar Free Red Bull + Vodka since the ingredients are the same. 

4C Energy Rush Alternatives 

While 4C Energy Rush powder packets are top reviewed product by reviewers around the United States, there are a few decent comparable products I've found. True Lemon packets sold at grocery stores and on Amazon have caffeine from green tea, no calories, no sodium for a healthier option some may prefer. These energy drink replacement packets have no B-vitamins, taurine, or gluconurolactone but they do contain 100% Vitamin C. They are a bit more expensive though since they only come in boxes of 6 packets. 

The other 4C energy rush packet alternative is Mio Energy made by Kraft, which allows you to squirt as much or as little of the liquid water additive to your drink as you'd like. It has less calories than 4C energy rush but less B-vitamins and stimulants. Sometimes the liquid form is beneficial on the go, other times not so much.

Both of these alternative products have store brand and generic knockoffs as well if you prefer cheaper prices or different flavors for your caffeine fix.

4C Energy Rush Review Conclusion

4C Energy Rush Gets An A+ As An Affordable Energy Drink! Purchase 4 C Energy Rush packets on a variety of websites or at your local grocery store for frugal energy. You can also consider other types of supplements like Balance of Nature to supplement your nutrition.

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