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Let me first say that no I am not sponsored or paid by 4C to review... but I admit that I wish I was! 4C Energy Rush is the most underrated and under the radar energy drink option on the market today. I love this product so much it isn't even funny. I've bought these for 12 years now ever since I realized that each packet had the same exact ingredients (including Caffeine,Taurine, and B-Vitamins) as two 8 oz Sugar Free Red Bull... but at about 25 cents a packet! 4C Energy Rush used to have 3 separate boxes with flavor choices of orange, citrus, or berry with 14 packets in each box. Now 4C Energy Rush has variety packs with 18 packets in each box for the same price! The caffeine content of 4C energy rush is about 160 mg per packet (serving size is 1/2 packet or 80 mg of caffeine).

(Update: Now They Have STRAWBERRY Now As Well Which Is My New Favorite. Tastes amazing!)

Each packet of 4C Energy Rush Sugar Free mixes in about 16 oz of water (more or less depending on your tastes, I use about 8 oz), tastes excellent, and gives you a big and convenient pick-me-up with 180 mg of caffeine content. If you like energy drinks (especially sugar-free ones) or you are a fellow caffeine-addict, you definitely need to check out this incredible bargain of a product. Stop paying $2-4+ dollars per can now when you can buy a box of 18 packets for $2.99-4.99. I've actually gotten 4C Energy Rush packs a few times on sale for $1.99 on rare occasions.

Some other companies like Walmart and grocery chains have created their own cheap sugar-free energy drink packet versions in the past and some still do, but (after trying half a dozen of them) in terms of consistent price / quantity / quality, 4C Energy Rush is still the best value 9 times out of 10. Other caffeinated energy drink powder just doesn't do the trick or costs a fortune by comparison. 4 C Energy Rush even a great option for pre-workout energy, B-vitamins, and weight loss assistance since this 0 calorie  180 mg caffeine can help to reduce appetite and boost workout motivation.

I would say that the only downside I've noticed is that some 4C flavors (except for Strawberry for some reason, it seems to be a more fine powder) can develop some clumps in the packet. It doesn't affect anything when you mix it in water, but I wanted to make sure this was included in my 4 C energy rush packet review and rating. But that goes for pretty much any caffeinated / pre-workout powder as well that is 10x more expensive.

4C Energy Rush: Still The Best Bang For Your Buck

4C Energy Rush Packets are still my highest rated and reviewed energy drink powder mix yet because of it's caffeinated potency and cheap price. It's a great option for affordable increased energy, weight loss, and B-vitamins. Enjoy the energy rush for pennies on the dollar! 4C energy rush packet is so affordable, it's on par with bulk instant coffee in terms of caffeine content, but has the added value of taurine, gluconurolactone, and B-vitamins.

4C Energy Rush Pro Tip: Add Emergen-C

If you want to add even more B-vitamins, Vitamin C, and electrolytes to your 4C caffeine rush, just add a packet or portion of a packet of Emergen-C powder. It's a great way to add extra cheap antioxidants to your 4C energy drink on a frugal budget.

4C Energy Rush Gets An A+ As An Affordable Energy Drink!

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I hope you enjoyed this about the effectiveness and affordability of 4C Energy Rush Totally Light Packets. 4 C energy powder is available at shopping centers, grocery stores, and websites nationwide for your energy drink caffeine needs on a budget.

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