Direct Mail Ad Ideas For Bootstrapped Realtors

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Real estate is big business no matter what the housing and property market are doing or if there is a recession impacting finances worldwide. There are still more than 87,000 real estate firms in the United States alone. This means every real estate agent or Realtor has tons of competition when it comes to attracting home buying and home selling clients. 

The more competition you have, the more creative you need to get with your real estate marketing ideas and ad campaigns. 

While digital marketing is important, it is expensive and getting more expensive in a lot of areas for Realtors. Direct mail marketing is a cheap and fun alternative that helps you reach new realty clients without going over budget. Snail mail actually stands out these days against the endless white noise of online marketing, spam emails, and PPC ads. You just need to make your campaign stand out as a real estate agent or Realtor. 

Here are a few creative direct mail ideas to help you make the most of your Realtor advertising campaigns. 

Invite Locals To Events At Your Office 

Boring advertisements that showcase your real estate agent services aren’t always effective. People tend to receive these Realtor postcards or flyer pieces in the mail and toss them without so much as a second glance. 

Instead of creating boring flyers, turn your next direct mail advertising campaign into an invitation. 

Host a meet and greet at your office. Invite people in your target area to get to know you and give them a reason to come to your office. 

This could be free food, a house concert with a local musician, or an informative presentation designed to help prospective homebuyers overcome the challenges they face. 

You can even partner with other businesses in the area to put together a bigger event that will help each of you increase your network and build new realty client relationships. 

Send Holiday Cards To Previous Clients 

Staying in touch with your previous clients is a wonderful way to earn referrals and recommendations. However, if you are like most real estate agents, reaching out without a reason can feel a bit awkward. Worse, it can leave your previous clients feeling confused. 

Save yourself the stress (and potential embarrassment) by sending them a branded holiday card as part of your direct mail marketing strategy. Keep things simple and lighthearted, but make sure your logo and contact info is clear on your design. 

You never know when they will learn that a friend or coworker is ready to look for a house. Your clients can use that holiday card much like a business card to pass your information to people who need it. 

Include A Branded Gift 

Whenever you send out direct mail marketing materials, you need to make sure your brand is easy to identify. The last thing you want people to do is glance at your mailer, shrug, and toss it away. 

Try to include a branded gift with everything you send out. This doesn’t have to be anything big. A magnet, pen, keychain, or letter opener is all you need to include. That way, they will still have something to remember your information by even if they throw out the mailer it came with. 

No matter what you choose, make sure the mailer design has easy-to-read contact information and shows your logo clearly. This will help them keep your name in mind anytime someone mentions looking for a real estate agent. 

Try These Creative Direct Mail Ideas For Yourself 

Getting your information in front of your target market can be difficult when you are working with a limited budget. Try these creative direct mail ideas and save money without sacrificing the reach of your campaign. Do what your competitors aren't doing and go against the grain with your advertisements.

Just remember to keep your contact information easy-to-read on every direct mailer marketing item you send out for commercial real estate or residential properties. 

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