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One of the best investments you can make is one in your health. They don't say "health is wealth" for nothing! This has proven more true than ever after the public health catastrophes in the past couple of years. Your health and the health of your family is everything. 

But unfortunately many people are sicker than ever before and the prices of treatment, medication, or health insurance are rapidly rising. Side effects from viruses and vaccines along with increased stress and healthy food shortages have ravaged the health of millions going into 2024. Overall in the United States and some other countries, we operate more of a "sickcare" business model that profits off of perpetually ill people instead of a real preventative healthcare system.


Complete health is about being healthy medically, physically, financially, intimately, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually. Health, fitness, and money are usually all very interrelated so you need to do what you can to save money, improve your fitness, and take care of your health. Healthcare is truly essential to your fitness and finances. So how healthy are you really if you are being honest?

Healthcare is especially crucial in today's day and age with pandemics, misinformation, and technology evolving at such a rapid rate. Although imperfect, without it we are doomed. Everyone requires medical attention at some point and everyone has health risks.

Unfortunately healthcare isn't always affordable for everyone, and health insurance can literally cost you an arm and a leg in the United States along with some other countries. There is a problem when the majority of medical and pharmaceutical money goes to vanity medicine (hair restoration, ED, cosmetic surgery, and steroids for example) instead of preventative or emergency medicine. It also doesn't help that essential medications and treatments are priced higher than many can afford.

You need to educate yourself on at least the basics of medicine and the healthcare system, and at times treat yourself or advocate for your own health. Let's put the "health" back into "healthcare" for patients and providers alike!

Enjoy the growing number of helpful Frugal Finance health, wellness, and healthcare articles below from hundreds of experts worldwide to help keep you healthy on a frugal budget:

Healthcare & Medical Articles

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Dental health is essential for your overall health. It's not just about having whiter teeth and a straighter smile. Dental visits and proper oral care can help you to prevent major diseases and extend your quality and quantity of life. Dentistry is an essential and often times overlooked aspect of overall good healthcare. Enjoy the growing number of dental health articles below from expert writers and healthcare practitioners from around the world: 

Dental Health Articles

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Mental health is an increasingly important aspect of comprehensive healthcare in a busy and stressful world. Anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder are problems for hundreds of millions of people in the world. These can be crippling conditions and lead to major limitations in life or even violence or suicide if left untreated. While mental health problems are major medical concerns, many people in the world still doesn't think of them in that way. Maintaining and maximizing mental health should be a top priority for everyone, as well as showing empathy for those struggling.

There is always hope and help out there and a growing number of effective treatment options. Below is a growing number of opinion / personal experience blog posts, articles, and medical studies from a variety of writers and medical experts around the world:

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Remember to always check with your doctor, psychiatrist, and/or pharmacist before considering any treatment or major changes.  

Sober Living & Addiction Recovery Articles

Many people in this world can live a life of moderation and balance without any problem. But for hundreds of millions of people in the world, addiction to at least one thing can be a destructive force in their lives and the ones they love. For these people, myself included, sobriety is the only long-term healthy solution. Sobriety, sober living, and addiction recovery programs give people a second chance for a happier and healthier life. 

Learn from the growing number of healthcare articles, opinion blog posts, and medical studies below on sobriety, addiction recovery, rehab, and sober living from experts around the world with a wide variety of perspectives and experiences:

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More healthcare articles, blog posts, and medical studies on sobriety, sober living, and drug addiction recovery coming soon from experts around the world!


Sexual health is very important to overall health and quality of life. And yes it can a frugal way to have fun while motivating you to get in the gym more often. Sex is (usually) essential for procreation, but everyone should also know about contraception and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in addition to the more pleasurable aspects. And then there are related topics like menopause, hormone replacement therapy, and male enhancement just to name a few that should be taken into consideration as well. Intimacy is integral! Read the growing number of informative articles on sexual health from expert writers and medical professionals from around the world:

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CBD Oil Articles
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More articles on health and healthcare from experts around the world coming soon! Thank you to the healthcare heroes out there! It has been a difficult public health world recently, and we appreciate medical experts and scientists keeping us healthy!

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