Top 25 Best YouTube Fitness Channels 2024

top youtube fitness channels best free workout youtubers

The year 2023 has been another incredible year for YouTube Fitness Channel Creators, with more fitness enthusiasts than ever before getting their workouts, recipes, and fit tips for free from the best gurus in the world going into 2024. New YouTube Fitness Pros have arisen, and a few have faded, and overall it was more competitive than ever before! I know all about Fitness YouTube channels from personal experience because sometimes it is very tough to get subscribers and viewers going up against or alongside these fitness and media legends! It is not easy to compete against these YOLO lean legends ON A DAI-LY BASIS (as Fitness YouTuber Lui Marco would say) because they are incredibly good at what they do in 2023 and 2024. 

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As The Frugal Fitness Guru crushing fitness costs worldwide, I think YouTube is fantastic medium for promoting a healthier lifestyle to the masses, no matter what a person's budget might be! 

All you need is internet connection, some creativity, and dedication to educate and motivate yourself to a higher fitness level with these channels! And if you want a lesson in YouTube Marketing, these are the top YouTube fitness channels and fit creators to learn from in 2023 and 2024!

After the success of my epic list last year, I decided I need to make this an annual thing. Please keep in mind that this is not my list of the best YouTube Fitness Channels of All Time, this is based on content and viewership! If a channel made huge improvements and jumps in viewership this year, their rank will reflect that. I have spent an enormous amount of time over the years watching top YouTube fitness channels and videos, and my professional experience along with many credentials in the fitness industry are quite strong. And while Frugal Fitness TV may not statistically be one of the Top 25 Best YouTube Fitness Channels of 2023-2024 in the world, it is still pretty good and nothing to sneeze at, so I encourage you to check out the fit videos as well.

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Criteria For Choosing The Top YouTube Fitness Channels:

- Amount And Quality Free Content Produced
- Number of Subscribers And Views
- Method of Gaining Subscribers And Views 
- Improvement From Previous Years
- Interaction With Viewers & Audience
- Worldwide And Mainstream Recognition
- Personality, Fitness Credentials, and Intangibles
- My Personal Opinion, There Is Always Some Bias!


Lean Secrets, Fitness FAQ's, Turbulence Training, Stand Firm with Doug Jones, Passion 4 Profession, Darness Workouts, Fazio Enterprises Strength & Conditioning, Fit Fury, Free Fitness By Parrish, Fusaro Fitness, Health4Thought, Get Swole & Fit w/ Me, Intensity Rules, AJ Fitness, Kinobody Fitness, BergAthletics, Tara Burner, Fun & Fit, Gregg Plitt (RIP), Oatmeal In My Bowl, Lisa Johnson Fitness, Paul Eugene are all top fitness YouTubers as well for 2024!

And Now The Countdown To The Best of YouTube FIT... 

25 Top Fitness YouTube Channels For 2024

1. Frugal Fitness TV by Mike Schiemer
top fitness youtuber best youtube workout channels free

Frugal Fitness TV is one of the original YouTuber fitness destinations. It covers a lot of topics in fitness, bodybuilding, athletics, sports medicine, wellness, nutrition, and health on a budget. If you don't have much money for your workouts and diet, try these exercises and recipes that won't break the bank. Improve your frugality, health, and wealth with this top-ranked YouTube channel!

2. Vince Delmonte Fitness
top youtube fitness channels

The YouTube Fitness legend formerly known as "Skinny Vinny" and the Hardgainer's hero was one of the first successful YouTube fitness gurus and he is very well known. Some people think of him more of a sleazy salesman and reminiscent of "The Situation" from Jersey Shore but those people are clearly missing out. Ya see, Vince is the authority and is actually extremely intelligent, knows his stuff, and also consults and befriends some of the best in the fitness industry including Tony Horton (P90X aka Beach Body), Lee Hayward (see him below), and his figure competitor wife Flavia. Just like last year, my main beef with him (not personally but just in regards to this ranking list), is that he uploads most of his best and complete videos to his paid video subscription Live Large TV. It is not expensive and it is very high-quality stuff, and YouTube was giving him problems that pushed him in that direction, but that still doesn't help all of his followers that can't see all his videos.

3. Kara Leigh
top youtube fitness channels

OK enough with the legends, here is a great and promising newcomer to the YouTube Fitness circuit. Kara is a Registered Dietitian and Bikini Competitor and has some great videos for you including workouts, recipes, nutrition tips, competition posing / prep / routines, dieting, and much more for men and women alike. She caught the eye of this year's winners The Hodge Twins, Lui Marco, and more and with good reason. Her channel has grown incredibly fast so look for her channel to continue it is great progress in content and a strong following. Keep up the great work on your fitness videos Kara!

4. Kodjo Workouts
top youtube fitness channels

Follow fitness pro Kodjo as he takes you through his nearly 300 toning, muscle building, and home workouts that will take your fitness level further than you thought possible. Great exercise demonstrations to really help you master the details of each movement to get a better overall workout. If you aren't subscribed to him yet, he's got a different video for you to watch every day of your new year for a new you!

5. Rob Riches
top youtube fitness channels

Rob Riches is one of the world's most famous male fitness models, and he's got some incredible videos to motivate and inspire you. From his 600 lb squats, to his lean bodybuilding recipes, to his muscle group workouts, you'll learn some wisdom from one of the most accomplished men in the fitness industry today. He's a role model and idol to many YouTube fitness viewers and creators, including Scott Herman and myself. Plenty to learn from this top Fitness YouTuber.

6. Strength Project
top youtube fitness channels

Arash for the win! This guy is a gymnast mixed with a martial artist mixed with a bodybuilder mixed with a parkour mixed with who knows what else. He can teach you how to do flips, bodyweight training, muscle building, and pretty much anything else you can think of. He's got tons of videos and a following as fierce as his six pack!

7. Brad Scott Fitness
top youtube fitness channel creators fit youtubers

Fitness model Brad Scott was a newcomer last year to the YouTube fitness scene but this year he really came into his own. He doubled his videos to about 300 and at least quadrupled his viewership! He has got some great Six Pack Insanity workouts, home training, gym training, beach training, fitness modeling tips, and much more. All around great guy that is all about helping his audience and answering their questions.

8. Amanda Russell
top youtube fitness channel creators fit youtubers

Amanda Russell is a YouTube Fitness and Frugal Fashion legend! She is the winner of YouTube's "Next Up Trainer" competition and with good reason. This rags to riches success story has taken NYC, Beverly Hills, and the world by storm with her amazingly effective yet affordable workouts and style. She has trained some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood and The Big Apple, she was interviewed and worked with top names in the fitness industry including just recently "Fitness Made Simple" founder and legend John Basedow! Amanda is a great example of frugal fitness and improving your own wealth and health with creativity, education, and perseverance! Subscribe to her fit YouTube channel NOW to boost your frugal fitness fast!

9. Physique of Greatness

These YouTube fitness videos are amazing. I'm pretty new actually to Physique of Greatness but this channel is awesome. Videos and workouts that pump you up and entertain the heck out of you as well. Might not be the best one for young children to watch (a few obscenities), but hey whatever works for them! They lift heavy enough weight I am not going to tell them to stop! Hardcore lifting and bodybuilding here with plenty of wise training and nutrition advice as well to top it off on this popular YouTube fitness channel in 2024!

10. BarStarzz
top youtube fitness channel creators fit youtubers

Do you think bodyweight training is for wimps and scrawny guys? Well a) you are a moron and b) these guys will show you why in a thousand different ways. Incredible bodyweight acrobatics, feats of strength, ripped physiques, tutorials, and workouts that will make you tired just from watching. You will never look at the neighborhood playground the same way again after watching this channel.

11. Jeff Cavalier's AthleanX
top youtube fitness channel creators fit youtubers

Physical Therapist and former Pro Strength Coach Jeff Cavalier wants you to train like an athlete if you want to achieve their powerful and cut physiques! That is why this former New York Met's strength and conditioning coach and physical therapist developed AthleanX, which focuses on functional training and athletic movements instead of just traditional bodybuilding and powerlifting exercises. Great free and intelligent advice from a sports medicine professional and trainer to many professional athletes.

12. Bob Harper
top youtube fitness channel creators fit youtubers

Obviously Bob Harper is from the cultural phenomenon The Biggest Loser and this is his fitness channel started in 2010. His videos on everything from weight training, to aerobics, to nutrition, and recipes are all well done. But due to his level of mainstream success, his channel is probably run almost completely by another company and it just doesn't have that personal touch that most of these other channels have. It is a great channel overall but just a little too corporate for me (I guess it is my inner frugality).

13. Brad Gouthro
top youtube fitness channel creators fit youtubers

Fitness model and author Brad Gouthro's relatively new channel Live Lean TV is one of the biggest new developments on the scene this year. He is ripped to shreds, has incredible quality videos, videos on every topic health and fitness imaginable, and he posts videos 5 days a week every week! Watch his great stuff and see his channel continue to grow exponentially with his enthusiasm and expertise leading the charge in 2023!

14. Czech Fitness Girl Simona
top youtube fitness channel creators fit youtubers

Simona, the Czech Fitness Girl, is taking a page out of Zuzana Light's book by combining Eastern European beauty and rock solid muscle. Simona is arguably in just as good of shape as Zuzana and pumps out plenty of great sexy fitness videos, many set to trance and techno music (not my cup of tea personally but a lot of people like that stuff). Her 3 YouTube Channels combine for about 10k subscribers and several million views! Not too shabby! And unlike Zuzana, she also does a great job interacting with her fans and helping to answer their questions on fitness and workouts!

15.  Scooby's Home Bodybuilding & Fitness
top youtube fitness channel creators fit youtubers

I consider Scooby the (grand)father of YouTube fitness since he started as early as it gets (2006) and he just so happens to be about 50 years old. The Godfather of Fitness YouTube is supposedly steroid free, but I actually do believe that because he's been working out his whole life and applies an engineer's (that's his primary vocation) analytical mind to the pursuit of bodybuilding. I like his workouts that only involve training at home with minimal weights and workout equipment, and focusing on excellent form, nutrition, and the mastering the basics. Scooby has truly helped millions and if this was a list of Top 25 Fitness Channels EVER he would be right up at the top at #1. He has put out some great videos this year but a slow pace. This old man is still pretty darn good for a full time engineer and 55 year old man!

16. Brandon Collingwood of Shake Lightly
top youtube fitness channel creators fit youtubers

Brandon Collingwood is a rare mix of fitness intelligence, comedy, and positive attitude that results in a YouTube channel unlike any other. Oh yeah, and the guy's ripped to shreds. He's in ridiculous shape and is still actually a cool guy! Some of his videos are hilarious, some ridiculous, and some you might just learn something! This California-based personal trainer has been in the fitness industry helping clients of all kinds for a decade. The world is getting to know him, he's got nearly 8k subscribers and closing in on 2 million views!

17. Choose Fitness

Another huge up-and-coming fitness icon is Jack Nauss of Choose Fitness, an 18 year old natural bodybuilder and rising fitness personality. Great workouts, tips, motivation, positive attitude, big physique, and an excellent work ethic make this guy a role model for anyone to follow, young or old, men or women. Besides having huge potential for a lengthy successful career in bodybuilding and fitness, Jack might be one of the best in the world in the social media and entrepreneurship department for his age. Look for him to keep climbing this list in years to come and start dominating the industry before he is just 28 right now!

18. Underground Wellness
top youtube fitness channel creators fit youtubers

This guy has uploaded some good stuff! All kinds of great fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and gastrointestinal health videos here as Sean Croxton tackles all topics! The guy also got over 40k subscribers, nearly 10 million views, and over 200 videos which are all pretty well done. You can learn a lot from Underground Wellness!

19. Davey Wavey Fitness
top youtube fitness channel creators fit youtuber

Davey Wavey has been a YouTube personality for a long time and he has a huge fan base. He has always been into fitness but his fitness-specific channel is relatively new and on its way up. He now has over 40 videos on fitness, nutrition, and motivation and his channel was chosen as a contestant on YouTube's Next Up Trainer. He has got some great tips and workouts, and is clearly very intelligent, well-spoken, and in great shape. His affiliation with Scott Herman Fitness also ensures his continued channel growth. Check out his channel today!

20. Brandon Carter
top youtube fitness channel creators fit youtubers

Well for those of you who don't know, Brandon Carter used to have one of the biggest fitness YouTube channels a year ago, but it was terminated "due to repeated counts of copyright infringement and violations" or something along those lines. Now I know from personal experience that slaps on the wrist from Google can be deserving, or they can be from things out of your control (haters, people with good intentions but dumb actions, etc). Anyways, he has had to start new channels which is always rough, but Brandon has some great fitness workouts, tips, motivation, physique, and he's even a musician as well! Check out his new and improved stuff and support a YouTube fitness legend as he rebuilds his empire!

21. Lui Marco

I salute Lui Marco ON A DAI-LY BASIS! This guy is a machine, between his 3 top YouTube fitness channels he has well over 1,000 videos, over 50,000 subscribers, and tons of millions of views. This guy is the French Canadien Jean Claude Van Dam of Fitness (I think I only said that because of his accent haha) as he discusses every single aspect of health, fitness, and the YOLO lifestyle. Lui tells it like is on every single topic of fitness including the ones that nobody wants to talk about like steroids, fasting, industry boneheads, what supplements are bogus, and what to do with those pesky haters. Lui is diced to the socks and salutes you on your quest to a higher level of fitness, and knows his nearly endless supply of videos can help you significantly.

22. BodyRock TV
top youtube fitness channel creators fit youtubers

So BodyRock TV doesn't have Zuzana Light anymore, but they do have the rights to all her previous videos (and their mind-blowing stats), and the new ones are still pretty amazing! Zuzana's stand-in Lisa-Marie can certainly hold her own and there are some ok videos with Freddy and Sean as well (but let's be serious, nobody goes to that channel to see Freddy and Sean or any mediocre dudes). This channel with over HALF A BILLION views and a massive amount of subscribers still producers great high quality home workout videos several times a week! While we all miss Zuzana, there are still a lot of dedicated BodyRockers out there staying with the channel and these workouts are just as intense, but just with a different accent shouting them out.

23. Zuzka Light
top youtube fitness

Zuzana Light is not a BodyRocker anymore? I know that's kind of old news now, but at first I don't think we were all 100% sure she would succeed completely on her own starting from scratch. But within a month or two her new channel Zuzka Light was kicking booty again and the former adult film star was getting people back in shape with her sultry eastern European accent and love for Burpees. In about a year, she brought in over 120,000 subscribers and over 12 million views to her new channel, while BodyRock TV continued using her replacement Lisa-Marie. 

Whether you think Zuzana's appeal is partially aesthetic, you can't deny she has some intense and effective workouts and creates some great quality videos that get people back in shape. She proves that in America everybody gets a second chance (or a third chance) and that you can always carry over success in one area to another a different realm with hard work. That is an interesting but powerful version of The American Dream right there!

24. Strength Camp
top youtube fitness

This guy is a YouTube champion of muscle knowledge! His 100,000+ subscribers, nearly 20 million views, and 600+ videos are incredible testaments to his knowledge and experience in strongman, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and fitness. THE BEAST IS HERE and his free media is very powerful indeed! Make sure you get this guy in your YouTube fitness channel subscription mix! Thank you Arash from Strength Project for the reminder through your popular YouTube fitness videos!

25. The Hodge Twins of Twin Muscle Workout
top youtube fitness hodge twins

The Tag Team Champions of the World are here! ALL KINDS OF GAINS. OK these guys are officially out of control after this year. Their three top YouTube Fitness Channels have so many subscribers, views, and videos it will blow your mind. And somehow they have done it without spamming the planet like Six Pack Shortcuts. There is Twin Muscle Workout, Hodge Twins, and Ask Hodge Twins channels and their worst video will get more views, likes, and comments in a day than the best video of most mere mortals in their lifetime. 

These guys are a double whammy tackling absolutely every topic of bodybuilding, fitness, nutrition, supplements, sports, media, and life that you can possibly fathom. They post videos daily, do live shoes, answer fan questions, do live vid hangouts, give shout-outs to fans and fellow YouTube fitness creators, and have become the most recognizable faces in YouTube fitness. Talk about fitness marketing experts! These two swole bros are the reigning authority when it comes to YouTube fitness! Sorry guys, you will have to share the crown this year! I am frugal, I only bought one. Long live the kings of YouTube fitness for 2024! 

Although now I hear these top fitness YouTubers are getting a lot more political and less fit on their new videos and media in 2024. That is a shame for fitness media consumers, but I understand that even fit YouTubers need to expand their horizons and evolve long-term as I have done with my channels. The health and fitness industry creates a lot of burnout and some bodies don't last forever either, especially if you are natty. 

Top YouTube Fitness Channel Runner Up - Six Pack Shortcuts

I can't make a list without at least mentioning this top fit YouTuber Mike Chang with one of the most popular channels in YouTube Fitness, and YouTube in general. Now Mike's Six Pack Shortcuts can be a very polarizing channel: some people love the guy, and others think he's a scam and a bonehead. I think you've seen one of his YouTube AdWords ads if you have gone ANYWHERE on the internet in the past couple years (you will probably even see his ads on my site and videos!). Anyways, regardless of what anyone thinks of Mike, he has uploaded a lot of very popular videos and some of them have some great tips and/or excellent entertainment value. And since his following is so strong, although inflated by advertising, he is a force to be reckoned with in the fitness world for 2024.

So there you have it folks, my Top 25 Rankings of YouTube Creators with the Best Fitness Channels of 2024. With these YouTube Health & Fit channels, the world will be able to get in better shape with just motivation and some good WiFi. 

Check out all these leading YouTuber channels and fit social media influencers, subscribe for free, and get in the best shape of your life! It is time to rock your body for no cost.

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I hope you enjoyed this article on top YouTube Fitness Channels to live healthier on a frugal budget and maximize your performance!

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