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From time to time you can fall into scammy sites with free but dishonest resume reviews, made from identical templates. There is a variety of opinions on a free resume review service, where the poor experience prevails. But don’t jump to conclusions. Though some services are not worthwhile, you may change your mind after looking through several free online resume review tools, proven to be good in resume reading. The survey analyzes if it is possible to get an objective and expert view on your resume from the well-known free services. 

How To Use Free Resume Review Sites 

If you get insufficient interview invitations, it is high time to nail down what is wrong with your resume. Before you start its evaluation, you should ascertain that your resume is updated and allowed for ATS compliance. To get a free resume feedback report and learn what to improve try one of the following reputed free online checkers: 

• SkillRoads 
• Resume Worded 
• Monster 
• TopResume 
• LiveCareer 

All services promise similar and simple procedure to get the review, as follows: 

1. Visit the free review tool page. 
2. Point out your email into the text field. 
3. Drag and drop the file. 
4. Wait till they send you feedback. 
5. Improve all soft spots of the document. 

Take a note! In step 2, pay attention to your resume format: pdf or doc may not be supported by all review sites. In this case, you may need to convert your resume to the required format first. 

Top 5 Free Resume Review Services 

Let’s have an insight into the most reputed sites in order of their online popularity, focusing on important factors, such as: 

• ease of signing up; 
• the time of waiting for feedback; 
• level of feedback quality. 

1. SkillRoads 

SkillRoads is a trusted company, which offers writing services for job seekers. AI Resume Generator, developed by this company, produces qualified promotional products. They have good rates and are highly regarded by clients. 

Signup Process: Easy. The site navigation is smart but to use it you need an account. 

Turnaround: Instant. 

Service Quality: High. 

A “Resume Score” is its feature, which contains quite a comprehensive critique of ATS compliance, formatting, structure, career goals, accomplishments, relevance, impact, and contact information. 

2. Resume Worded 

Resume Worded runs the business of upselling the software for resume critique and fixates on expert reviews. Their resume feedback goes far out of boilerplate limits. 

Signup Process: Medium. 

After clicking the link “Upload Resume” they will ask to create an account. You can do it using Google or Facebook accounts or to sign up with email. The last option requires name, email, and password and after you’ve entered them, it takes you to resume uploading page. 

Turnaround: Instant. 

Service Quality: Very High. 

A deep line-by-line analysis regards to impact, brevity, style, and average bullet score. It recommends some free edits, but to get its full version you need to upgrade your account to Pro. 

3. Monster 

Monster is a popular job search site with a board of technical and IT vacancies. Also, it enables a free resume checker. 

Signup Process: Difficult. 

After you upload your document, you are to fill out much information, entitling email, name, phone, country, zip, level of your career and education, and work authorization. Before you end up on the main page, you should specify if you want publicity for your resume. 

Turnaround: 2 business days. 

Service Quality: Low. 

Their reviews somehow resemble a boilerplate. The comments are not always unique. The review includes ATS fitting and the resume ability to pass through in a specific professional area. All sections provide general information, writing service promotions, and sales pitches. 

4. TopResume 

TopResume is a major company, which provides resume writing service. Their conception is a high quality of resume which leads to land as more interviews as possible. 

Signup Process: Very Easy. 

You need no additional questions to receive feedback. Just click on the link “Get a free resume review”, upload your file, and enter your email. 

Turnaround: 2 business days. 

Service Quality: High. 

The expert points out graphs, areas to improve, and keywords with competencies that should stand out. The reviews are comprehensive with specifying what industries you appear to get focused on. You can get more recommendations if you try the paid services. 

5. LiveCareer 

LiveCareer upsells advanced software for resume building but offers no writing services. 

Signup Process: Very Easy. 

As soon as the user uploads the document without specifying any personal details, he will get redirected to the reviewing page. 

Turnaround: Instant. 

Service Quality: Low. 

The broad review mentions weak points but doesn’t give tips on their improvement. The service proposes pressing the button “Fix Now” which follows under each suggestion. This will take you to a registration page for signing up paid services. 

Pros And Cons Of Top Free Resume Review Sites 

Though the quality of these review services is not always high, they have the undoubted advantages, for instance: 

1. All of them are completely free. 
2. Some of them will offer appropriate remarks. 
3. You can trust their good rates. 

Potential spamming is the single caution to check any free resume service. You will receive feedback and a mess of commercial emails, which start falling into your mailbox as soon as you give your e-mail regarding your resumes, CVs, and cover letters. 

There are some tips on how to slide out the unwanted e-letters: 

1. Create a specific email account for registration on free services and use it to avoid junk mails. 

2. You may skip the stage of resume analyzing, going straight to hiring a resume writer. 


It seems tempting to get free recommendations in free resume reviews, but the few applicants are ready to correct the mistakes on their own. The abovementioned services are helpful and handy for resume and CV optimization, but if you want more, you should pay for it.

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