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The Story Of Frugal Fitness E-Books

While earning my degree in Exercise Physiology, I was challenged by my peers and professors that eating healthy and training was expensive. The average person couldn't afford to eat well and train like a top athlete, bodybuilder, or fitness model. I was also challenged by my own tight budget that wouldn't allow for expensive grocery stores, pricey supplements, or rip-off gym memberships. I had to gain a vast amount of knowledge and get creative to learn how to eat and train like a champion while on a frugal budget. Over the last decade I have proved them all wrong and helped millions of people in the process with my workouts, meal plans, recipes, product reviews, and healthy lifestyle tips.

Now you can learn everything you need to know about how to eat and workout for less while still getting amazing results. Now with the new Complete Guide To Frugal Fitness eBook, you can own The Frugal Diet book + The Frugal Workout ebook combined for just $4.99, a 38% savings! My Frugal Fitness eBooks are available on Amazon and FREE for Kindle Unlimited Members!

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The Frugal Workout Ebook
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The Frugal Workout Book compliments The Frugal Diet book and gives you an enormous array of effective workouts for people of every type and goal and only requires $100 or less of workout equipment! It even has plenty of fun and effective workouts that require absolutely NO EQUIPMENT! Build lean muscle, burn fat, prevent injury, increase athleticism, reduce stress, and improve general health all in your own home or on the go! Why purchase other programs that cost 20 times more and require a lot of expensive equipment that doesn't work? This book and program will get you the RESULTS you want! It is time to get frugal and get fit!

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Reader Praise for The Frugal Diet, The Frugal Workout, and The Complete Guide To Frugal Fitness Books and Ebooks

"Thee Frugal Diet book provides WONDERFUL recipes! I'm one of those people who really HATES complicated recipes, and loves the '5 ingredients or less' concept. Well, not all these recipes are "5 ingredients or less", but enough of them are that I actually ordered the paperback (hard copy) version of this book, so I could have it available in the kitchen! And - the information following the recipes, about nutritional supplements, was actually pretty interesting, and I did learn some things I didn't know about vitamins." - Chrissy S

"We were just thrilled to get a copy of your book "The Frugal Diet". Congratulations! I'm going to show your book to all my friends here. Now I'll have to decide which Lean Meal Plan I'll try, and lose a few pounds!" - Katherine C, Hoboken NJ 

"I'm a cheapskate too and I never liked the idea of having to pay top dollar for raw, organic, premium food. With this Frugal Diet book, I can eat healthier and lose weight while saving money on my monthly food bill! This book was worth every penny" - Jennifer Hardy, Needham MA 

"Mike has written a funny, practical, and quite helpful diet book that even I can stick with. It is an easy read, has great recipes (including some simple ones since I'm not the best cook), and the nutrition and money-saving tips pay off immediately. I love this book and I'd recommend it to anyone who has tried a regular diet and failed, or is just looking to save money on their food budget without sacrificing their health!" 
- Johnny Sullivan, Millis MA 

"This book is fantastic. It is written in a way that seems as if you are getting advice directly from the author, as if he is standing right there encouraging you. Following the tips and guidelines clearly outlined in the book seems so easy because they are so flexible. It makes adjustments to each individual's lifestyle and food preferences. Amazing." -Dan S, Boston MA 

"Congratulations on your book! It's not only informational, but also witty and a fun read. I sincerely hope it's a great success, as well as your next book "The Frugal Workout"." 
- Ileana Lamberti, Newark, NJ

"The Frugal Diet is a great resource for those looking for an intro to the world of nutrition and healthy eating, which often appears daunting to someone like me who doesn't have a formal education or training in health and fitness. This book keeps it simple and understandable. The casual, conversational tone of the book is fun and disarming, especially Mike's occasionally ridiculous anecdotes describing the extremes to which he takes his own frugality. The Nutrition Tips chapter is packed with a lot of good "Nutrition 101" info all in one place, though perhaps it could be a little more organized. But it includes lots of helpful topics such as estimating caloric requirements and planning meals accordingly, nutrient and diet FAQs, how to properly interpret nutrition labels, and lists of important foods to incorporate into your diet. There is also quite an extensive catalog of recipes, so it's great that the book not only gives you diet and meal plan guidance, but also provides many recipes to use in your plan."

"I love the writer! I'm not even that far into the book and I have to write a review. I love how this guy lives. Coupled with recipes, this book will not go wrong. I'm getting the book for all my spendy friends. They need it. Thank you , Michael!"  - Elizabeth Waniewski

"I just downloaded this book last night on my computer. Wow!!! This book is great in all aspects. Excellent, really great helpful knowledge and tips are given in this book, it is very well written, the pics are great (especially the one of the heavy man with the huge ass burger...this one cracked me up), the healthy recipes are out of this world. I can't wait to try some them and i absolutely loved the way Mike decided to write this book by first telling his story about himself and I love all the humorous stories and anecdotes he included. I got a good laugh when reading this...made me smile for sure. Mike Your book is great in every way possible!!! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to shape up their fitness, health and nutrition. This book will definitely be worth the investment!" - Corin, Worcester MA 

"Really a fan of Mike's works and his Frugal Fitness Lifestyle. I've been learning a lot from reading The Frugal Diet and I like having the paperback over the eBook version because it's easier for the recipes. While the book does have some grammatical and spelling mistakes, it still gets the message across and overall very worthwhile." - Brandon Connell

"This book is great, because it's so expensive to "eat healthy" nowadays. When in reality, if you use the information that the author provides in this book, you'll see how it's really not that hard to eat well and be healthy while on a budget. This book is great, because it cuts to the chase by giving you information you need to know without all the fluff. The author explains reasons behind each of his tips. He also provides great recipes that are easy, healthy, and don't cost a lot!" - Amanda S, Los Angeles CA

"As soon as I read in the intro how Michael Schiemer wanted to propose to his girlfriend with a CZ ring, I knew I'd found a kindred spirit! (Actually tried to talk my husband into buying me CZ instead of a diamond.) As a dedicated meathead and miser, he gives a great intro to how to eat healthy and get started weight lifting but he does it all from a cost-conscious perspective. It's a nice break from all the other gurus who are constantly trying to sell you on the next big thing." - Andy C.

"One of the things I liked most about the advice given (on eating) is takes into account that we are, in fact, living in 2011. We ARE NOT cavemen, and DO have to face the temptations of processed food every day. Do yourself a favor and read this advice" - Brandon Cooley

"The Frugal Diet ebook gave a lot of good information on nutrition, which I liked because I am a nutrition major. Additionally, several recipes for shakes were given, even for vegetarians. I tried one of the recipes, and I thoroughly enjoyed it."

"I like that this Frugal Diet e-book is based on normal everyday foods, nothing fancy and expensive. And it goes into detail why some food additives are really not so good for you and it's best to eat simply." - Mariah McConnaughey

"The Frugal Diet book recipes are for excellent health and quite frugal to make." - Mary Willard

"The Frugal Diet book is an amazing buy. Just from the tips given by Mike I was able to change my eating and workout habits through small efforts. I've lost 9 lbs in 3 weeks and I've suggested this to all my relatives and friends!"

"For each recipe we tried in The Frugal Diet, the cooking times were exact. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow, and the pictures were helpful. Overall, I highly recommend this cookbook. I don't know too many families that aren't looking for a way to get good food on the table quicker in the evenings, and this certainly holds true to that ideal. This will be a cookbook that stays in my Kindle for quite some time." 

And those are just some of the weight loss testimonials from The Complete Guide To Frugal Fitness E-Book and The Frugal Diet Book!

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