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While earning my degree in Exercise Physiology, I was challenged by my peers and professors that eating healthy and training was expensive. The average person couldn't afford to eat well and train like a top athlete, bodybuilder, or fitness model. I was also challenged by my own tight budget that wouldn't allow for expensive grocery stores, pricey supplements, or rip-off gym memberships. I had to gain a vast amount of knowledge and get creative to learn how to eat and train like a champion while on a frugal budget. Over the last decade I've proved them all wrong and helped millions of people in the process with my workouts, meal plans, recipes, product reviews, and healthy lifestyle tips.

Now you can learn everything you need to know about how to eat and workout for less while still getting amazing results. Now with the new Complete Guide To Frugal Fitness eBook, you can own The Frugal Diet + The Frugal Workout combined for just $4.99, a 38% savings! Available on Amazon and FREE for Kindle Unlimited Members!

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The Frugal Workout
The Best Home Gym & Travel Exercise Book!

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The Frugal Workout gives you an enormous array of effective workouts for people of every type and goal and only requires $100 or less of workout equipment! It even has plenty of fun and effective workouts that require absolutely NO EQUIPMENT! Build lean muscle, burn fat, prevent injury, increase athleticism, reduce stress, and improve general health all in your own home or on the go! Why purchase other programs that cost 20 times more and require a lot of expensive equipment that doesn't work? This book and program will get you the RESULTS you want!

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