7 Tips to Marketing Brands Online on a Budget

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About 45% of small businesses spend just $10,000 or less on digital marketing. 

Most small businesses market their brands on a budget due to a lack of enough funds. Others do so to test the conversion rates that the marketing will trigger. 

Nevertheless, it's advisable to avoid dumping your worth into the brand's marketing without a great financial plan.

If your business is short of marketing funds, worry not. Here are top tips for marketing brands online on a budget. Choose the most applicable marketer tips for your niche.

1. Create Appealing Videos

Video marketing is one of the best yet affordable methods of digital marketing. According to Forbes, more than 90% of customers buy a product if the video interests them.  

To start, you will only need a good camera for video recording. You can also use your smartphone for the initial days, and then get yourself a good camera if the marketing trick works out well.

You will not need to hire a professional cameraman provided that you can capture the right videos, edit them well, and post.

For best results, ensure that your videos are clear for better visuals. After recording and editing, you can post the videos on your social media accounts. 

Alternatively, you can post them on your YouTube channel. A good video marketing strategy will increase your traffic, increase your conversions, and help you get more backlinks.

2. Consider Customer Referrals

A customer referral program can be a major boost for your marketing branding exercise. You will not spend any amount in launching this project. Instead, you will only need to ask your customers to refer you to their friends and relatives.

Multiple surveys show that many customers trust what their friends or relatives tell them regarding a brand. This means the strategy will drive more people to your business than when you market the product on your own.

For motivation, you may give your regular clients a small discount when they bring in more clients to you. You can also give them a small commission for the new customers they bring in. 

Treat your new customers well too, and they will be motivated to bring new ones too.

3. Consider Guest Posts

You can reach your target audience through guest blogs, in addition to your website. When you write guest blogs, you will increase your chances of getting backlinks to your site.

Guest blogging will also expose you to better opportunities, mainly if you choose a great site for the blogs. Find out the best sites you can consider for your guest blogs, understand the terms, and start the process.

If you decide to invest massively in guest blogging, do not hesitate to get a loan to hire the most reputable writers. Learn how to raise your credit score to qualify for the highest possible amount.

For more exposure, you can consider guest posting on numerous sites.

4. Post-High Content Quality Content

The quality of your content will determine the number of viewers you will attract. Comprehensive and catching content will bring in more traffic. Conversely, poorly researched, and boring content will be a turnoff.

Content writing is free, and you can even do it yourself. You will only need to find the best topics which your customers could be looking for online. After that, research well and craft and engaging content.

Include statistics and infographics in your regular blog posts. If you don't have time for the writing, find a reputable freelancer to help you craft the content. The cost of writing will be very low compared to the benefits you will get from it.

5. Be Active on Social Media

Social media marketing has been a major boost for small businesses. It gives the small firms on a budget the chance to compete with the already established businesses. 

The initial step to marketing your brand on social media is to sign up. You may sign up with the leading platforms, which include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You may also create an Instagram account which boasts of more than 500 million daily active users.

The sign-up process is free, hence no cost. Add your picture and create a short description of your business. After that, find followers, and ask your friends to help you gain more followers.

Keep your account active by engaging your followers online. You can also stay active by posting regularly and replying to your followers' concerns. 

If you are busy, set the automatic updates to keep your account active. You will be surprised by how effective marketing will be.

6. Don't Forget Email Marketing

Just like social medial, email marketing is an effective and affordable marketing strategy. You can use it to reach all your past customers.

The best tactic for this method is to collect all the emails from your clients. Save them well and add them to your notebook. Keep sending regular emails to them regarding your business if you have a busy schedule; use the available tools such as ConstantContact and MailChimp.

These tools are affordable and automated to help you get the best from your email marketing strategy. You can also ask the clients to subscribe to your email. 

7. Manage Your Online Reputation

Your marketing efforts might not be fruitful if you don't manage your online reputation. How do your clients view you? What about the entire online businesses?

If your reputation is poor, you will end up spending millions without any conversions. 

You can manage your online reputation in many ways. Firstly, handle your client well. Secondly, deal with the negative reviews well. You cannot impress everyone, and often, you will find out negative reviews about your business.

Handle the complaints positively to keep your reputation on track. If your business name in shiny, it will be easier to initiate other online marketing tips for your business.

Choose the Ideal Practices for Marketing Brands Online

From above, it's evident that you can apply many affordable tips to market your brand. However, all the practices may not be suitable for your business, hence the need to choose well. 

Understand your business first, target an audience, and choose the most affordable ways for marketing brands online. Be patient, too, as the strategy may take some time for it to work well.

Marketing is not the only business management aspect. As an entrepreneur, you will still need to keep your finances on track to prevent your business from collapsing. 

Read our informative guides on how to save money in your business and how to invest in the right projects. Visit the Marketing section of the Frugal Finance Blog to learn more about frugally marketing brands online successfully.

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