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To many people, the Forex market can be a complex field of study. Any amateur trader may be overwhelmed by all of its intricacies such as trends, indicators, etc. However, if you were to dedicate yourself to foreign exchange currency trading, things will just click into place and suddenly everything makes sense. There are plenty of online articles out there to help you get started. 

However, if you truly want to make the most out of your time studying Forex, consider looking for a Forex school that offers high-quality forex trading mentoring programs.

What Kind Of Forex Trading Mentoring Programs To Look For? 

Anyone can put together a convincing front and advertise their course as one of the best Forex mentoring programs on the planet. Unfortunately, many people will not know about the truth until it is too late. More often than not, there is no way to write negative comments and reviews on the course other than through a third-party review website. 

This is a sad reality of the Forex education world and educational course reviews in general. Many failed traders thought that they would be better off if they trick new and optimistic Forex traders. As mentioned before, a quick browse through third- party review websites should reveal plenty about the viability of that Forex trading course. 

If you are starting from scratch and have zero ideas about Forex, consider paging through articles and other online sources first. Sure, they may not be as informative compared to what a real Forex mentor can provide, but it is free. 

One notable platform that provides online resources on Forex for free is Babypips and their Forex school called the School of Pipsology. Although some people say that their materials are overly simplified, with some details left out and inconsistencies in their materials exist here and there, it is still a solid place to start. Their lessons are bite-sized and designed especially for those who have a day job and cannot afford more time to study Forex. Their lessons come with uncomplicated illustrations and explanations that simplify the whole Forex world for you. Here, you can establish a basic understanding of the Forex market. 

Equipped with this knowledge, you can then begin to seek out and enrol in some of the best forex mentoring programs, and we will discuss some of them here. 

Now, you might be wondering, “How do I know if there is a Forex mentor near me?” The truth is that most of these lessons are done online. It is just more convenient this way. The lessons are premade and updated constantly. So, location does not matter much. 

Of course, that means you won’t have direct interaction with your mentor other than asking them questions via emails, but some also teach via Livestream in addition to the premade lessons. However, live streams and other time-sensitive events might not work to your advantage if you live in a vastly different time zone. 

You will know if a Forex mentor is a good one to help you make money in Africa or elsewhere. They do not shy away from telling others about their experience and accomplishments in the Forex world, and you can look them up to confirm their claims. Some of them even made regular appearances in Forex-related events and expos. 

Best Forex Mentoring Programs

We will discuss some of the best Forex schools around the globe and what they have to offer. Again, the best place to start would be Babypips and their School of Pipsology as their lessons are free and easy to understand. When you are confident, you can move on to another Forex school. 

First, let’s talk about Forex Mentor Online. They offer free access to their eBook and weekly newsletters, both of which provide you with the hottest tips on trading, and all other training that enables you to be much more effective at trading. 

Next on the list is Forex Mentor Pro. To date, they have Forex mentors living in different countries, so they have pretty good coverage. If you live close to Australia, you can follow Marc Walton. He is the Forex mentor of the Australia branch for Forex Mentor Pro. They make Forex trading simple with their effective education methods, live support from a team of professional traders, trading software, and more. 

If you want to find a school that provides Forex mentor Toronto coverage, there is one called Toronto Forex Tutor. They provide proven and effective strategies, and the mentor has plenty of experience in the market. You get to learn and practice these FX trading strategies on a demo account in four two-hour sessions, with a live tutor. 

Forex Varsity provides Forex mentors for earning in South Africa investors. They are based in Cape Town and are a reputable Forex school. They have a proven track record, as endorsed by 2 European Banks and a South African University, and their lessons are geared toward those with no experience or knowledge on Forex. Their 18-month program allows you access to one-on-one sessions. If you are unsure, they also offer a free consultation where you can ask their professional traders about the Forex school and what they have to offer. 

Forex Fortunes Found

Last but not least, if you live around South East Asia or find their time suitable to your schedule, consider looking up AsiaForexMentor. Ezekiel Chew, its founder, and mentor developed an FX trading program called the proprietary One Core program. It allows you to trade everything, such as stock, options, commodities, etc., not just Forex alone. He has plenty of experience in the market. He taught traders in the DBP bank and thousands of other traders. Ezekiel used the same trading system and it allows him to be financially independent, only trading Forex a few hours every week. 

He does this live on camera which only his students can tune in to watch and trade alongside him. In short, you get to learn about the trading system and practice it on the real market so you know how to apply it. If you are unsure, you can find free lesson samples on the AsiaForexMentor website so you know what you would get from their Forex trading mentoring programs.

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