How Much Does a Will Cost? Estate Planning Expense Expectations

how much does a will cost create wills costs

Almost 60 percent of American adults do not have a will. That is an alarming and sobering number for the estate planning industry.

Although no one really wants to plan for death, it is something that needs to be done and something that a majority of the population is not doing. 

Making a will does not have to be tricky or expensive, but it can save your friends and family a lot of pain and time in the long run if you die unexpectedly.

But how much does a will cost in the event of you dying? Keep reading to find out more about wills and estate planning!

How Much Does a Will Cost?

The price of your will document depends on a variety of factors:

  • The size of the estate
  • The complexity of the will
  • If you do it yourself
  • If you work with a will professional
  • Attorney location
  • Attorney specialization

If you have a large estate and/or are planning to make a very complex will with lots of ifs, ands, and buts, it is in your best interest (and the interest of those receiving what you leave behind) to work with a professional who will ensure that the will is legally binding and uses exactly the proper language.

DIY Will

If you choose to use a DIY (do it yourself) will kit, the cost of a will could be lower than $20. There are plenty of online services that are very affordable and offer fill in the blank type templates. There are legal software programs and streamlined legal services that can create these last wills and testaments quickly. 

However, these wills are not very personalized and you will likely be left with questions about your specific situation and no one to answer them. It might not be worth it to pinch pennies and be frugal when determining who inherits your estate or assets.

Work With a Will Lawyer

If you work with a professional will lawyer you could pay anywhere from $500 to $1500 depending on the complexity of your will, the size of your estate, and the general location of the attorney. 

Lawyers with firms in New York for example will cost a lot more than a small-town lawyer in Ohio.

Additionally, the price of the will depends on the level of specialization. If the attorney that you work with only does estate law, they will be more expensive than someone who does a wide variety of types of wills.

The benefit of working with a professional will lawyer is that you have someone who knows your unique situation and will be able to help customize your will as needed. Your attorney will be able to answer all of your questions and give you guidance on the creation of your will.

If, for some reason, your last will and testament was ever to be contested in court, your will is more likely to be successful if it was created by a professional attorney rather than by an online will kit.

Get a Will Created Today

We have now answered the question "how much does a will cost" and you know just how much variance there is. The answer to this legal document preparation is complex and it depends on a variety of factors.

It is important to get a will created while you're in good health and a quality state of mind, start researching your local attorney options!

Keep reading to discover more about estate planning, lawyers, and life in general! Visit the Legal section of our blog right now to learn more!

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