Top 10 Best Frugal Living Tips To Save Money 2024

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Frugal living is more important than ever before in today's economy. Frugality will help everyday people get through this painful and volatile economic scenario. 

Did you know that about three quarters of people in the United States have trouble managing their money? Are you one of these people in debt or in a cycle of bad spending habits?

Whether you have gotten yourself into debt or simply find that you spend more than you earn, choosing to live frugally can save you a lot of headaches and stress. Along with helping save you money, living a frugal lifestyle also has a positive impact on the environment, your community, and your happiness in life. Frugality can be fun and effective when it is embraced and optimized. 

If you are really ready to change your spending habits, check out our top 10 best frugal living tips to save money and balance your budget for 2024. 

Top 10 Best Frugal Living Tips To Live Lean And Prosper

1. Take Advantage Of Coupons And Discount Codes

Before you head to the grocery store, check your Sunday paper and go online to look for coupons for food and other supplies you need. Often, your grocery store will have its own savings program that lets you clip coupons online. Otherwise, you can find online coupon websites that allow you to print offers for everyday items. Don't forget to look online for coupon codes that you can use for frugal online retailers as well. 

You can also easily find offers and discount codes for local restaurants, service providers, and more. Couponing is key for frugal living long-term, and the savings can be invested elsewhere.

2. Shop Around For The Best Deals On Everything 

The best frugal tips and tricks focus on making sure you don't pay any more than necessary for what you need. This means you will want to browse the sales ads before you head to the store and take advantage of any special offers on everyday necessities. 

For those large purchases like electronics and appliances, use the internet to your advantage. You can often enter a product name into Google and see the frugal prices for many retailers in one place. Also, keep in mind sales days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday when you can save big when shopping frugally. 

3. Don't Always Buy Things New, Go For Used And Factory Refurbished Instead

Rather than heading to the store to buy an item you need, consider alternatives like buying used or even borrowing. For example, rather than buying a brand new car, consider looking for a reliable used car and help avoid taking on a car loan and to lower your insurance. 

You can also find used items like clothes, furniture, toys, and electronics through thrift shops, garage sales, second hand stores, and auctions. Don't forget places like your local public library where you can borrow books and DVDs and save money. You may also find that friends and family can lend you everyday items that they don't need to help you save even more money. 

4. Get Creative To Reduce Your Living Expenses 

When you need help paying bills, that indicates you should look into cutting your living expenses as much as possible. Good places to start include your transportation and utility costs. For example, you might consider giving up your car to travel cheaply by bus or train, or you could simply bike or walk more often to cut down on gas costs. Using less water and adjusting your thermostat can also go a long way toward cutting your electric and water bills

If you struggle to afford housing, consider downsizing or even renting out one or more rooms. You can also look into income-based housing options to help get assistance with your bills. 

5. Grow Your Own Food Frugally

If you want to cut down on food costs and get some enjoyment in the garden, growing your own food can be a good way to practice frugal living. You get the benefit of choosing the specific foods your family will enjoy and can avoid using some of the harmful chemicals you might worry about. You will just need to prepare to put in the effort and time to plant, care for, and harvest your crops. Depending on where you live and the season, you may need to grow food indoors in a sun room or greenhouse. 

Growing your own food also takes time along with a lot of trial and error. But if you can grow your food like a frugal fanatic, it can help make a dent in your food budget amid rising food prices.

6. Earn A Side Income To Enhance Frugality

One of the other frugal living ideas to consider is to boost your earnings with a side gig. Whether you want to work from home or in your community, you have many options to make money and can get creative. 

For example, you might consider turning your crafting or gardening hobby into a business where you sell your products to others. You can also look into options like getting paid to deliver groceries, drive people around, or work part-time at a local store. 

7. Get Cheaper Health Care 

Whenever you need to see a doctor or fill a prescription, check your insurance plan and shop around to get the best deal. For example, sometimes you can book an online doctor's appointment for minor issues and avoid paying a hefty urgent care fee. Even if you do need to see a doctor locally, you should consider a second opinion if you get told you need an expensive procedure. You can also use top tools and services to find the cheapest prescriptions and even locate pharmacies that fill certain prescriptions for free. 

When in doubt, try and use a pharmacy discount card like GoodRX or SingleCare as well that can be found free at pharmacies or medical centers nationwide. If you are buying over the counter medications or dietary supplements, be frugal and buy the store brand or generic options. When you buy brand name medications or branded supplement products with the same exact ingredients, you are really just paying extra for marketing. It is almost always the same exact ingredients or medication (check the label to make sure) but you don't have to pay for the brand name. This improves your frugal finances and fiscal fitness.

8. Buy In Bulk And Save A Bundle

While you might find it less convenient to haul larger quantities home, you can potentially save a lot if you buy items like food, medicine, and other non-perishables in bulk. You will also rest assured you are making a more environmentally friendly choice. 

First, you will often pay less per unit or ounce on products bought in bulk, even if you buy name-brand products. Second, you save in terms of not needing to make as many trips to the store to buy the same items. With the high price of fuel these days, it is a smart frugal trick to cut gasoline or diesel costs.

9. Try To Do Small Repairs Yourself 

Although with helping you gain handy life skills, learning to do small fixes yourself saves you money and can bring some convenience. For example, you can take a course on car repair and learn to do common maintenance tasks without paying for labor at a car shop. A true frugal living fanatic will also watch videos online to learn skills such as trimming their family's hair, doing minor home repairs, and making your own cleaning products. 

When deciding to try something yourself, do keep in mind your safety and confidence. Trying to fix an electrical issue in your house can put you in danger and cause more expensive problems down the road, for example. So, know when to call a professional while living your best frugal life and when you can safety DIY.  

10. Work Out At Home With Frugal Fitness 

Gyms and personal trainers can be quite costly. You can save a lot of money each month and still get the same health and fitness results by working out at home frugally. All you need are items around the house, a little floor space, your own bodyweight, and maybe some inexpensive exercise equipment. For under $100 you can purchase a frugal exercise mat, set of dumbbells, several resistance bands, and a physio ball. Fitness YouTube channels are free as well.

You can also find plenty of free resources on exercise and nutrition online to help save on healthy workouts and food. Frugal Fitness TV helps you get in shape at home or while traveling on any thrifty budget. The world is your gym, free of monthly fees or joining costs, if you know how to workout frugally!

Use The Best Frugal Living Tips To Save More Money Now 

With the best frugal living tips in mind, go ahead and start saving money! You can use that extra cash to frugally pay down any debts or even save toward a family vacation you'll always remember. Do know that you have many other ways to apply frugal living principles too. For example, you can call creditors, doctors' offices, and utility companies to ask for reduced payments or extended payment plans. Everything is negotiable when you are dialed in to the frugal living lifestyle.

Do you want even more top ideas for making money and living frugally? Then check out our many other posts about living frugally right here on the Frugal Finance Blog. Live lean and prosper while living your best life on a budget!

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