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When it comes to saving money for frugal finances, it pays to know some good cheap recipes. Even better than that, it pays off to have healthy affordable recipes available for all types of eaters. Enjoy our growing number of free frugal recipes that are delicious and nutritious for all tastes! Ramp up your affordable nutrition with these really simple real life recipes:

Breakfast Recipes
frugal recipes cooking

Lunch & Dinner Recipes
frugal recipes

Snack Recipes:

frugal fit snack recipes

Dessert Recipes
frugal dessert recipes

Protein Shake Recipes:
frugal whey protein shakes

Gluten-Free Recipes:
gluten free desserts

Vegan Recipes:
frugal free recipe

Seasonal / Holiday Recipes

free cookie recipes

Pretzel Brownie Heart Cake (Valentine's Day)

Frugal Pet Food Recipes

frugal dog recipes

Cooking Videos

frugal cooking

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