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For most of my life I have not been very politically active or opinionated on politics. Aside from leaning a little to the left on social issues and a little to the right on economic issues, I personally try to steer clear of politics. I don't like to argue about politics because I stick to what I know, but I do like to stay informed and provide some objective commentary now and then. There is too much venom in politics and not enough open-mindedness or objectivity.

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But regardless of whatever your politics are, I think we can all agree that the political world has an enormous impact on the world of business. They are intertwined for better or for worse, and it will always be that way to at least some extent. It's important to stay informed of political issues such as trade agreements, regulations, international disagreements, tax policies, and political elections no matter what industry or role you are in.

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Politics are potently powerful so you need to stay informed at all times. Read the growing number of political blog post articles from myself and political experts from around the world with business experience to help improve your frugal finances.

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More articles on politics and political quotes coming soon on the Frugal Finance Blog from political experts around the world!

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