Back, Bicep, & Deltoids Workout For Beginners & Intermediates

Back, Biceps, Rear Shoulders, Forearms:

1 Minute Cardio Row Machine Overhand Wide Grip
1 Minute Cardio Row Machine Underhand Grip
1x Pushups 15-20 reps as "active recovery" / warmup / antagonist muscle exercise  / stretch
3x Nautilus Nitro Lat Pulldown Machine 95 lbs 5 Forward Grip, 5 Neutral Grip, 5 Reverse Grip
2x Pullups / Jump Pullups on grip of your choice
2x Lat Pulldown Machine 90 lbs Shoulder Width Palms Forward Grip
2x Lat Pulldown Machine 90 lbs Shoulder Width Reverse Grip
3x Dumbbell Single Arm Rows 30-35-40 lb dumbbells
3x Cable Reverse Flies w/ 15-20 lbs
2x Dumbbell Bicep Curls 17.5-20 lb dumbbells
2x Dumbbell Hammer Curls 17.5-20 lb dumbbells
2x Dumbbell Wrist Curls 15 lb dumbbells off knees or bench (kneeling) until failure
2x Dumbbell Reverse Wrist Curls 7.5 lb dumbbells off knees or seated at preacher curl area, seat lowered somewhat until failure
Finger Flicks/Shoots until failure!
*Stretch* (Upper Back, Lower Back, Hamstrings)

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