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Hi Frugal Fitness. I really appreciate your videos, good job. I am looking to increase my daily protein intake but I am having trouble eating enough meat daily and it isn't very convenient. What can i drink that has high protein ?  -YouTube Subscriber

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Well, unless you want to drink pure eggs like Rocky Balboa and risk salmonella, your best bet is probably low fat milk and/or whey protein. I recommend drinking some skim or 1% milk for a good source of complete protein and other nutrients. I usually buy store brand skim milk, just make sure it is Growth Hormone and Antiobiotic Free (it will say on the label). If you have the extra cash, you could even buy "Skim n More" or "True Moo" which is extra concentrated and maybe higher quality skim milk that tastes richer and contains an extra 2 grams of protein per serving. Soy milk is a solid option but it is more expensive and the flavored options such as Vanilla have too much sugar in them compared to protein content. You also want to remember that the casein protein in milk is much slower digesting and has a little different amino acid profile than the faster digesting soy milk protein. You are right though that you can often drink more calories / nutrients compared to eating the same amount. Also, it can be much more convenient to grab or mix a protein drink than carry around coolers and tupperware containers filled with perishables like tuna, salmon, egg whites, and grilled chicken breasts.

Whey, casein, soy, or egg protein powder can be added to water, milk, or soy milk and could even be blended up with dozens of potential ingredients such as ice, peanut butter, fruit, juice, yogurt, flaxseed, supergreens, fiber powder, creatine, pre-workout mixes (such as NO Xplode), cocoa, mocha powder, and pretty much anything else you can think of for performance or palatability. You can obviously buy pre-made drinks in cartons or bottles but you will be paying $2-4 a piece which can add up fast, especially if you drink multiple protein shakes per day like myself. I also don't like how they concentrate some of these drinks into solutions that are way too thick, but that's just me. Weight gainer powders like CytoGainer, Monster Mass, N-Large, etc are mostly just whey protein powders diluted with fillers such as maltodextrin and a tiny amount of micronutrients and creatine so I don't recommend them for most people.

You can also technically drink egg whites / egg substitute like Sylvester Stallone in Rocky (such as Egg Beaters) but I wouldn't recommend it haha :)

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