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Search Engine Optimization Essentials

Organic traffic (especially from search engines) is the lifeblood of your website, and possibly your entire business. Search engine optimization (SEO) is more essential these days than ever before. The alternatives to getting a steady stream of organic traffic aren't pleasant, including expensive pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or expensive and outdated traditional advertising mediums like TV, radio, and print. Paid advertising certainly isn't frugal, so organic traffic from search engines is a game-changer for your business.

Building Backlinks

When it comes to growing organic traffic, building backlinks is one of the simplest and smartest ways to improve your website SEO and content crawling. Linkbuilding will give Google the signals that your site is legitimate and that it should rank higher in searches. But not all backlinks are created equal and they can be quite expensive or difficult to find. And choosing the wrong backlinks can put you in hot water with Google as well. That's where we come in! 

Brand Building

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Google Rocks The Boat With Link Spam Updates

There’s almost never a sigh of relief with Google pirating away our organic search traffic, link juice, and page rank. At least never in the world of online businesses and us damned pirates. That’s something we have in common. We are forever chased by the world trying to bring us to an end, just as it feels like Google and its updates are forever chasing you. The pain is shared. Argh me mateys! It’s not even been a month since we starting picking up the pieces after the cyclone that was Core Update and we have a Link Spam Update chasing us mad. That makes it four updates in less than two months. Blimey. What a time to be alive, eh, matey? 

If you feel the ship of your dreams is fighting the unnamed demons of the Bermuda Triangle, trying to evade capture and reach the sunny shores then you are at the right place. Together, our SEO captains will do everything in their power to bring you back from the jaws of imminent death. The update will take about two weeks to complete and the message from the global conglomerate seems pretty clear: use it, don’t abuse it. So, if you are noticing a sudden drop in rankings it might well because of the update. While it doesn’t necessarily penalize your website, it might simply refuse to count some links that it considers spammy. 

We can help by first doing a comprehensive Keyword and Research Analysis along with On-page optimization. And we can also help you with Bad Links Removal if needed, which should help weed out all the spammy or broken links that may be causing the rankings drop. Second, we write top-quality and original content because we sincerely believe that is the foundation for building good quality of backlinks. Last, we send a set of powerful social media signals across multiple platforms to help spread the word about your brand and website far and wide. But not the least, you have our Ongoing Customer Support without fail throughout the campaigns. 

Not all treasure is silver or gold, mate. Some is in the form of higher rankings and authority and consistent targeted traffic. All you need to do is just prioritise. And if you haven’t the time for it then well, that’s what we are here for. Just provide us with what you consider your most important keywords (we can help with that too) and your URL and we’ll take it forward from there. It’s a tricky business this, building a set of linkable assets for your online business in order to rank it better and get higher traffic. Stray but a little and it will all come crashing down, especially after Google’s Link Spam Update and subsequent core updates. You’ve been batten down the hatches for far too long, now is the time to set sail. Ahoy!

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Buying Backlinks Banners

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Content Crawling Considerations

It’s common in SEO to hear people talk about their website crawl budget, about how much time and how many pages Google is willing to process on your website before it moves along. SEO practitioners optimize sites so that the most important, most valuable pages are listed first in things like site maps so that Google doesn’t miss them. Google bot - Google’s crawling software - has a limited amount of attention. 

This concept is one that we don’t spend enough time on outside of SEO, and yet when you think about it, it’s a type of measurement we should be looking at in other digital channels. Attention is a resource, albeit one that decays very rapidly. Given how precious and scarce and temporary it is, why don’t we measure it more? 

Part of the reason is that measuring attention can be challenging for some marketers. It requires a decent amount of data, and it requires us to analyze that data to understand attention. Some channels lend themselves more easily to attention management than others; YouTube is an excellent example of a channel that makes attention measurement easy. We’re given a statistic, watch time, that clearly shows how well we’re acquiring and retaining attention. 

Attention Advantage Analysis For Smart SEO Strenghening

Other channels have the necessary ingredients for making attention measurement and SEO improvements, but we have to be the ones to assemble the data. What are some examples to help with our SEO strategy? 

- Twitter gives us followers, impressions, and engagements. We can measure impressions / followers for a raw attention measure along with backlinks generated from your link shares.

- Email marketing gives us recipients, opens, and clicks. We can measure opens / recipients for a raw attention measure. 

- Google Analytics gives us new and returning users, both of which are independent measures of attention for different audiences. 

What we look for in this data is a declining trend - a sense that we’ve worn out our welcome, that we’re no longer able to earn attention at the same rate. What happens when we’re no longer able to earn attention from our audience and the SEO benefits decline? We look to a classic Direct Marketing Framework: list, offer, creative. 

First, has our audience changed significantly? Have their needs or behaviors changed? For example, when the pandemic began, no one really paid much attention to marketing. There were much more urgent things consuming attention. 

Second, has our offering - what we have to offer our audience, what’s for sale, what value we provide - changed substantially? Again, thinking back to the start of the pandemic, if you were a keynote speaker and on-stage appearances were the only service you had to offer, you would naturally see a decline in attention. 

Third, has our creative lost its luster? Does the content itself and the way we present it no longer work with our audiences, causing a loss of attention? Anyone who’s tried to run a webinar lately knows how this feels. So many people are offering webinars, virtual events, etc. that the format is overly saturated. 

Content Crawls Conclusion

The challenge is to tackle these in the order above; most marketers do the reverse, tinkering with their creative rather than addressing much larger issues with their offering or their audience. Do them in the order above to determine just how much of your attention budget you’ve burned through for your SEO or crawl budget and why. Keep these tips in mind to SEO like a pro and continue to grow!

Stay Frugal My Friends!

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