Can Running Help You To Kick Your Bad Habits?

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We all have bad habits from smoking to biting our nails. But there is no question that finally doing enough to kick your bad habits can be pretty difficult. There is a reason why they are called habits, it is just a shame that they are things that are not good for us. How many of us have been there where we have decided to eat plant-based or go sugar-free for a while, but then a couple of weeks in and a bad mood sends you towards the Ben and Jerry's ice cream? 

There is some science backed research that has found that there is a link to running and being able to beat your bad habits. There were a group of smokers that took up running in order to quit their habit. And at the end of the trial, over half of them quit smoking completely, and of the other half, nearly all of them reduced how much their smoked or sought out other ways to quit such as using cheap e-liquid, for example. But why was running such a success? And can it help you to quit the bad habits that you have? Here are some of the ways that it could help. 


There is such a sense of community when it comes to a running group. Although it is certainly something that you can do alone, when you run in a group it helps with the peer support that you might need to get to your goal. It helps with someone to be accountable to. If you arrange to meet for a run, no one wants to be the person that doesn’t show up or cancels. 

Self-Esteem Boost 

For some people, they can slip into a bad habit when they’re having a bad day or feeling down on themselves. It could even bad habit that started in a bout of depression or feeling low. But running can give you a good feeling and a boost for your self-esteem that could be much needed. Running can be empowering and give you a boost, as you set yourself small goals and then achieve them. Even to just run for ten minutes without stopping could be what you need to start with, and then it can help you go further and for longer when you achieve it. 

Reduces Stress 

If you are a smoker, then how many more cigarettes will you have when you are feeling stressed? Running, and exercise in general, can be a great stress-reliever and a good source of Frugal Fitness. You get the feel good hormones when you’re out running that can help you to feel better, as well as a physical focus and distraction on something else, rather than sitting at home and getting stressed out. Most bad habits are things that we go back to when we are under a lot of pressure and stress. Which is why having an outlet like exercise or running can really help. 

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I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how running can help you to kick unhealthy habits on a frugal budget.

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