Dental Implants Cost - Why Are They So Expensive?

dental implants expensive

Having healthy teeth is the secret to good health. Teeth are really important for anyone to chew adequately nutritious food like fruits and vegetables. Thus, healthy smile not only helps one be confident but is equally important to maintain body strength. Dental implants help a person to maintain this smile, confidence, and health altogether. Dental implant cost can thus be justified when looking at their long-term benefits. If this is something that you want, do consider this dentist in Coconut Grove for oral treatment.

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What Makes Dental Implants So Expensive? 

Dental implants are not just a piece of metal, instead, it is a complex system. It's not a simple and affordable procedure like getting your ear wax removed here at The Hearing Room. Every part of an implant system is fabricated with extreme precision, maintaining the highest quality. 

 The titanium block shaped to form a dental implant has to undergo many quality tests before being put into the jaw bone. The titanium block is shaped into a screw form. Titanium refining and crafting is an expensive process. 

 The system used to place the implant in the mouth comprises of high strength and high-quality metals again like the bone drills, torque wrench etc. 

 Implants might require some assisting procedures like bone grafting, membrane placement, cyst removal from the site, etc. these procedures add up the cost of the dental implant. 

 The abutment or post over which a crown is placed is high strength titanium metal. It is fabricated according to the implant. 

 Every implant is different, this makes it necessary for the clinician to form customized crowns for every case. These crowns are fabricated using CAD-CAM technology. Thus, they are expensive. 

 Most importantly, the dental implant cost is high because it takes years of practice and study for a clinician to be skilled enough to place dental implants. The dental school expenditures are way too much. 

Why These Costs Are Justified? 

Dental implants provide an individual with fixed teeth that may last a lifetime. Yes, it's true that dental implants are expensiveDental implants if maintained well by a patient, can last him a lifetime. 

In the case of bridges, the patient receives a fixed alternative for the missing teeth, but it lasts only around 5 to 13 years. And after this time span, another alternative is required. 

Bridges require reduction of healthy teeth adjacent to missing tooth space. Compromising the strength of healthy teeth is never a good idea, and the tooth pain could cause you to need CBD oil product use for pain management. 

Dental implants help maintain the gums and the bone level in the area of tooth loss, which is not the case with a bridge or dentures. 

why dental implants are so expensive

Affordable Dental Implants 

The cost of dental implants varies from case to case depending upon individual needs, the implant system used, and the country where the procedure is being done. India has emerged as a premium option in dental tourism and dental implants. At Dr. Madhvi’s Dental Clinic, Delhi, they provide quality dental implants at a very reasonable cost. They have a dedicated team of experts working since over a decade to provide the best dental care with guaranteed results from their business

Dental Implant Cost Conclusion 

Dental implants can break the bank if you let them. You don't want to have to go without surety bonds (click here to learn more about those) just to pay for your expensive dental implants. Get the affordable dental implant options that are best for your health and your frugal budget.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about dental implants and why they are so expensive for those in need.

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