5 Expert Tips for Finding Your Right Bra Size

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For a number of ladies, shopping for a bra is going to fall somewhere between an emotional scale or a disappointing and traumatic scale and this can also be said when they are wearing bras. It has been observed that most women are responsible for wearing bras that are extremely uncomfortable, and keep digging into the skin, slip off the shoulders, and also create spillage situations, which are extremely awkward, especially when they are in the public. Numerous ladies crave to reach home and take off their bras as fast as possible primarily because of the discomfort that their bras are causing to them. This happens because numerous ladies do not have the right idea about finding the bra that is going to fit them the best or they do not have any idea about their size. 

When you are purchasing your bra, whether it is for the first time or the hundredth time, you need to ensure that you are getting the right size for yourself, so that you can avoid both discomfort as well as embarrassment. This is why you need to know about certain important tips that will ensure that you are getting the ideal bra for yourself. One of the best selling bras, the Prima Donna Deauville bra is possibly the best bra in the world.

The Support That Your Bra Provides To Your Breasts Is Known To Come From The Band 

Cups are responsible for holding your breasts in their place but you need to know that the bra band provides 90% of the support to your breast, as stated by Self Magazine. This is why strapless bras are known to be a favorite of most of the ladies. Most females consider that the strap is there for holding up the breast, but the truth is that they are responsible for keeping the cup in the proper place so that the breast remains in proper shape. 

You need to know that when both your cup as well as the band fit in an ideal manner, you can slip off the straps. If you see that after you have slipped off your straps, your bra remains in its proper place, the bra that you have chosen is ideal for you. 

You Need To Have Knowledge About Both Your Size As Well As The Sister Size 

Like the other items that will be extremely difficult to shop for, like a pair of jeans, you need to understand that you are also going to come across a huge variation of bras and how their size is known to differ when you are switching brands. In fact, the size of your bra is also going to differ from one particular style to another. This is why experts reveal that ladies need to know both the true size as well as the sister size. If a particular bra is not fitting in their regular size, there is a chance that it is going to work in the sister size. For this, you need to have knowledge about the rule of thumb. 

The rule of thumb states that if you are going up in your band, you need to go down in your cup and vice versa. For instance, if you wear 32C, you can also fit into 30D or 34B. If you normally wear 34C, you are going to find that your bra is going to fit better in a 32D or 36B. 

When you have knowledge about your sister size, it will be easier for you to accommodate yourself in the size differences that exist between the brands. People, who prefer smaller bands and have a large cup size, are definitely going to benefit from the sister sizing! 

You Need To Know The Equation For Understanding The Cup As Well As Band Size 

The ratio of the bra size is known to combine the measurements of the cup and the band. It is definitely a good idea for any lady to go and get professional bra fittings at any boutique. You can even get surprised about what your bra expert is going to tell you, that is, there is a high chance that you have been wearing a wrong size bra throughout your whole life. You also have the option of measuring your size at your home with a tape. 

For measuring in your home, you are going to require two measurements, around the back along with under the bust for the size of the band and around the back over the nipples to determine the size of the cup. Once you get both the measurements, you need to subtract the values from one another. For instance, if the bust is known to measure 35 inches and the underbust is 32 inches, you need to know that you are going to be 32C. You can also try the cup size calculator, which will help you to get the exact size of your cups. 

Round Up In Case Breasts Are Different Sizes

It has been observed that most ladies have different breast sizes because one breast can be slightly bigger than the other one. However, if this difference can be spotted easily, it is obvious that shopping for your bra is going to become more complicated than what it is. In this case, you have to round up. You can also even out the appearance of both your breasts by adding bra cutlet to the breast that has a smaller size, or you can also shop for bras that have removable pads, and you can take the pad out from the bigger breast side. 

Ensure that the straps of your bra are not digging into the shoulders If you observe that your breasts are spilling out from the edges of the cup, it means that they are responsible for exerting a lot of weight on the bra straps. This means that it is obvious that the straps are digging into your shoulders or neckline. You need to know that in case if this is happening, you have selected the wrong cup size. Ensure that you have knowledge about the size of your cup as well as the band so that you can purchase the ideal bra for yourself. 


Wearing the wrong bra can lead to breast pain and discomfort. Ensure that you have knowledge about your right size before you purchase your bra so you look great in your dress, workout clothes, and work clothing.

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