8 Ways To Plan A Relaxing Trip To The South Pacific

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For those who tend to over plan vacations but wish they wouldn’t, a trip to the islands is exactly what you need. They’re also perfect for everyone else. The South Pacific islands are recognized as some of the most beautiful places in the world. Vacations to these islands are all about taking time to relax and soaking in the atmosphere. Time moves differently on these islands. It’s slower but in the best ways possible. You’ll discover countless opportunities to enjoy life more. If you’re spending time planning out every minute of your South Pacific trip, you may be missing the point. However, it’s best to arrive in the islands with some ideas, or else you’ll most likely spend the entire time drinking coconuts in the sand. That’s not really a problem though, is it? 

Here are some activities you might want to include in your tentative itinerary 

1. Hit The Beach 

The most important part of an island, the beach is where memories are made. It’s a sunny locale for people to hang out or be alone at, depending on the beach. The ocean provides soothing background noise, not to mention all the health benefits it provides. The beach is the perfect backdrop for naps, picnics, and volleyball matches. What you do there is up to you. Some stunning beach locations include Tikehau in French Polynesia, Ha’atafu beach in Tonga, or Lalomanu beach in Samoa. The beach is the best place for those who just want to relax and de-stress on vacation

2. Seek Adventure 

The islands are all about adventure. They feel wild and undiscovered while still providing a comfortable experience. Go visit a local market and absorb the culture. Immerse yourself in the local flavor and a world where all the fruit is fresh and where goods are handmade locally. Many of the goods sold are decorative, but there are also many that locals use every day. The islands spark creativity and thrift because of the gratitude that people have for the beautiful nature surrounding them. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the people of the islands and see things you never have before. 

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3. Zip-Line 

You may have already heard of ziplining in Ecuador or Costa Rica, but did you know that some Pacific islands have their very own ziplines? Some thrilling examples include Zip Fiji, Oahu Ziplines, and Tiki Parc. Imagine flying through the lush tropical scenery. This is a premium opportunity for your traveling companions who always need something to do. Ziplines are a safe way to get your adrenaline going before settling down and relaxing again. 

4. Meet The Locals 

Forget anything you’ve ever heard about unfriendly locals because they don’t exist in the islands. Go ahead, try out the language. If anything, they’ll smile and tell you what a wonderful job you’re doing. You may find that the locals will wave to you and shout, “Hello!” even if you don’t know who they are. There’s a special feeling of community in the islands that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Feel free to (respectfully) ask for directions and advice but be aware that they might want to walk you to your destination. They’re called the friendly islands for a reason! 

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5. Book A Cruise 

It’s impossible to truly understand the islands until you’ve been around them on a boat. What better way to travel than on a luxurious cruise ship? While planes are convenient, they lack a close connection with the ocean. Glide across the waves in comfortable cabins, eat gourmet food, and enjoy all the included amenities. For a comprehensive trip with gorgeous views, consider these best Hawaiian cruises. The most important part of a cruise is that the planning is all done for you, leaving extra time for you to relax and unwind. 

6. Discover Nature 

There’s just something about the bright green landscape that brings people to life. Some of the Pacific islands are mountainous, allowing for opportunities to hike and climb while capturing gorgeous snapshots. Don’t worry too much if you forget to take photos because the views are unforgettable. Truly experience the great outdoors while walking past misty waterfalls, massive banyans, and blue lagoons. 

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7. Remember The Food 

Food is a crucial part of the island lifestyle. It brings families together and puts smiles on their faces. The seafood of the South Pacific is beyond compare, full of flavor, and always fresh from the sea. Some restaurants provide an authentic taste of their island homes, but it’s often a good idea to buy from locals directly. Savor the mellow, soothing tastes of coconut and fresh produce. 

8. Take It Easy 

If you stress, the locals will notice. They’re always willing to help anxious people take a break. Instead of drawing attention to yourself, blend in with the atmosphere. Consider letting others plan the trip for you, or take a deep breath and relax for a minute. Enjoy that tropical vacations

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