Expert Tips On Finding The Ideal Domain Name

how to find the ideal domain name business website seo

Choosing the perfect domain name is no easy task and requires a lot of attention because it is a very important brick for your success. After finding the right name for your domain name get some time to register it with LCN and your company will find a nice spot among search rankings. 

Below you will find some of the most important tips to follow when picking the best domain name for your business. 

1. Always Pick A .com Domain 

Across the planet the .com domain is a very well known domain name extension and because of this many smart phone operating systems already use a framed .com button to make writing an internet address even faster. Of course picking a nice domain extension like .photography, .blog or .club can be satisfying for you it is very important that all business owners choose a .com domain name over any other type of extension because very few people know about the latter. If a dot com extension isn't an option, go with a .org or .net if applicable and absolutely necessary.

2. Be Sure To Implement Strong Keywords In Your Domain 

Keywords will always have a significant role within the search engine rankings but if you are aspiring to for your website to rank even higher in Google search, then having a strong keyword in the domain name is imperative. 

A creative keyword mix can make your domain name stand out of the crowd and most important it will definitely boost your chances to rank even higher in the search engine results. 

3. Keep Words Easy To Spell 

Losing traffic on your domain well you better check of there are any kind of typos that’s why it is very important that your website name is easy to spell so it doesn’t confuses your clients. 

Have a business on the internet means that your webpage will be accessed from all places around the world it’s very important to have your domain name easy to write so it makes finding easier

4. Always Do Your Best To Keep Everything Short 

It always is a very good idea to keep your domain name as short as possible if possible under 15 characters. It is well known that domain names that are longer are always harder to remember and for that matter they can include more and more typos. 

5. Be Careful When Using Hyphens 

Selecting a domain name with a hyphen in it can be tempting but it is important to avoid it because hyphens are the first signs of a spam domain and you won’t get any kind of traffic. As a matter of fact many internet users always associate hyphens with that. 

Another important aspect here is that hyphenated domain names are more probable to contain more typos some users will sometimes forget to hyphen and it will quickly find himself on another website, most probably one that is in competition with yours. 

6. Try To Avoid Using Double Letters Between Connecting Words 

Users must know that avoiding domain names with double letters is extremely important because it will increase exponentially all of your chances of losing traffic due to all sorts of typos, some might forget to include two letters and this will lead them to a whole different website. 

Just as a small example a domain name like will be more exposed to typos than 

Final Verdict On Finding The Right Domain Name

In conclusion we also recommend avoiding automatic domain name generators because you need to figure out your own name according to your needs. But keep in mind that when choosing the domain name for your website, be sure to check the internet for other adaptations of the chosen name or you will lose lots of traffic to them.

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