SEO Q&A To Improve ROI

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SEO is a tricky topic and it's always changing. That's why I wanted to answer your questions on this constantly evolving and influential area of digital marketing:

How Much Time Does It Take Moz To Update Domain Authority & Page Authority?

Moz seems to update Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) about once per week or month for most websites. If you have a large website or experienced major changes in content, keywords, organic traffic or backlinks then you may see updates more often. Learn more in our Blogger Outreach Guide.

How Did Your Website Fair With The Newest Moz Updates?

I’ve had websites of mine increase, decrease and stay the same with the new Moz Domain Authority update, along with their Page Authority update. Now Moz has been acquired by iContact and it will be changing its criteria again. It doesn’t really matter though because it has nothing to do with Google PageRank really. A drop in DA doesn’t necessarily mean a drop in keyword ranking or organic traffic.

With Google Plus Shut Down Now, What Is A Good Way To Increase Your Website Index Speed?

Google+ was never a good way to get your websites, YouTube videos, or blog posts indexed quickly. Sure it couldn’t hurt, and it might help a little bit. It definitely helps less now than it did in its first few years. I actually still get a little Google+ traffic now (and will until the bitter end in April I’m proud to say). The best way is to drive website traffic to your site, share it on social media, earn or buy backlinks to the page, send out via email marketing, and make sure that the content is unique and optimized. Also make sure you are utilizing a good Sitemap. You could also submit the page manually for indexing with Google Search Console.

Do Blog Posts Automatically Generate Organic Traffic?

Having a large quantity and quality (quality especially) will almost always drive some organic traffic to your website if done correctly. But content alone doesn’t guarantee organic search traffic from Google or other search engines. You still need high-quality backlinks, the right keywords, and probably some additional amplification from social media and email marketing, along with hiring a blogger outreach agency

What Is The 2nd Most Popular Search Engine

The 2nd most popular search engine is YouTube, which is owned by the largest search engine Google. In a very distant 3rd place is Microsoft’s Bing and then there are others like Yahoo, AOL, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, and Yandex. 

Is SEO Dead?

In a perfect world maybe, but in the real world absolutely not. SEO is so cut-throat and competitive now that if you have an “If you build it, they will come” attitude you will end up with almost no organic traffic. Wishful thinking. 

What's The Best Way To Do Reverse Image Searches?

Google Images is the best hands down. No other website has such an extensive database. 

How Many Searches Are Performed Every Minute On Google 

More than that but yes. The exact information is only available to Google but SEO companies have estimated it at closer to 5–10 million. 

What Is The Best Thing To Search For On Google Images? 

Google Images is great to search for everything except for royalty-free stock images for web content… then I use Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash. Maybe even Canva. Only the top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest might have other images worth checking besides Google.

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