Keeping Yourself From Being Injured While Playing Sports

how to avoid sports injury

Sports Injuries Are Common 

If you’re going to get good at a sport, you’re going to get injured. That’s just how the cookie crumbles. You’re either going to twist your leg, sprain something, get the wind knocked out of you, bump your head, or any of countless injuries. It’s part of the game. Accordingly, getting injured, and recovering as quickly as possible, is part of being an athlete. 

Now, for most, you’re not going to find yourself impacted with some injury or other every single time you get out on the field, or in the ring, or on the ice skating rink with your hockey pads. But you should have some sort of infrastructure available for when you do get hurt. Also, you want to enable yourself to recover quicker beforehand. 

Don’t Be Too Skinny Or Rotund 

You have a diminished chance of being injured in any sporting event if your body is operating at its peak capacity in terms of health. There’s a balance, though. For example, consider your body’s fat. Did you know too little fat is actually unhealthy for you? It’s true—your body’s immune system won’t have as much ability to fight off infection. 

Meanwhile, too much adipose tissue and you’ll have trouble functioning regularly. You’ll become sedentary, and likewise be more prone to illness as a result. Balance is key. It’s important to exercise regularly, continuously pushing yourself to new plateaus. Also, you’ve got to eat the right foods. 

Avoid anything synthetic. Avoid hormones. Avoid “foodstuffs” and GMOs. Eating right and exercising regularly builds a strong, healthy foundation which gives you greater physical “elasticity”, as it were. If you’re brittle and get hit, you break. If you’re flexible and get hit, you stretch a bit, and it’s uncomfortable, but you “bounce” right back. 

Finding Injury Specialists 

A good way to avoid sports injuries is simply handling your body properly. Still, there are going to be instances where despite your best planning, you get injured in a way requiring medical attention. For such situations, you’ll want to specifically seek medical professionals who specialize in injuries from athletic events, like these Lake Oswego sports injury doctors

Additionally, it’s worthwhile to find medical practitioners who specifically specialize in fixing feet, ankles, and legs; like Seaview Ortho for foot and ankle surgery. Sometimes your injury involves broken bones, and for such situations, it is absolutely imperative that you get professional assistance from doctors who know what they’re doing. 

Another thing that can help you avoid sports injury will involve regularly playing. Granted, your statistical chances of having an accident increase, just like driving more makes it more likely you’ll have a fender bender. However, the more you drive, the more you understand “wreck” situations, and the better you can maneuver around them. 

Likewise, the more you play your chosen sport, the more you’ll understand how placing your feet in certain places, or moving your body a certain way, could result in an injury. Accordingly, you can avoid such situations through experience. This is a factor its hard to over-emphasize. Experience is the linkage between diet and exercise: the mind enables eating and exercising.

Getting Your Head In The Game 

When your mind understands the kind of situations your sporting activities will produce, you’ll naturally be more equipped to exercise safety during scrimmages and actual contests between rival teams or opponents. 

Sports are good for you. Sports are fun. Sports have a social component to the fundamental to modern society. These feats of might and skill are worth getting involved with, just be ready to contend with an injury if and when you get one. It’s all part of the game, but for most injuries, you shouldn’t have to worry about losing an athletic career. 

Also, one final little physical hack to put under your belt: barometric chambers expand oxygen in the bloodstream and can speed up recovery. If you’re at such a professional level as to afford one, find yourself some medical office that offers time in such pressure chambers to expedite recovery.

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