9 Strange Products That Have CBD Oil In Them

strangest products with cbd oil infused cannabidiol product

It is no secret that people are loving CBD and all the health benefits that come with it. Experts predict that the CBD market could reach $16 billion by 2025

But how can one little plant make that much money? The key is the plethora of CBD products that have emerged in today's market. 

It seems like CBD is in everything these days. From bath bombs to energy drinks, here are some of the strangest products with CBD and why they rule.

1. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs with enticing scents, colorful designs, and plenty of glitter are all the rage. But have you ever heard of marijuana bath bombs? 

Take your next soothing bath up a notch by using CBD bombs. 

Think about it. Why do most people take baths? To relax after a long day and to relax their sore muscles with hot water. 

What could help better with this than CBD? Some of the proven benefits of CBD include relaxing you, decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression, and easing body pain. 

2. Smoothies

Some people prefer to ease their pain by ingesting something instead of taking a bath. In this case, consider a CBD smoothie! 

The great thing about this is that smoothies are delicious! You can choose your favorite smoothie flavor and fruit add-ins. 

Purchase a CBD smoothie at your local smoothie shop or make one at home yourself. Just create your favorite recipe and add in no more than one teaspoon of CBD oil. It's super simple. 

3. Energy Drinks

Remember the early 2000s when every teenager and young adult was obsessed with Monster and Rockstar energy drinks? And we can't forget about the craze that was Four Loko! 

Nowadays, the energy drink trend has dropped to the wayside, but we expect that will change with the emergence of CBD energy drinks. 

Energy drinks alone increase your energy levels, but add in CBD and you'll receive results on a whole other level. 

Here's what to know about CBD energy drinks before you purchase one: they energize you and keep you healthy! Just make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. 

4. Coffee

If energy drinks aren't your style, odds are you enjoy the occasional Starbucks order for your morning energy burst.

But let's be honest, sometimes the coffee caffeine just doesn't cut it. For those mornings, try a CBD coffee. 

You get all the great caffeine benefits of coffee combined with the energy-boosting ingredient CBD. 

Again, you can get this product from your local coffee shop or create your own with a little bit of CBD oil. 

5. Sparkling Water

Forget the White Claw or LaCroix — jump on the CBD sparkling water bandwagon!

CBD-infused seltzer waters take the refreshing taste to a whole new level. Not only do you get to enjoy the taste of your favorite sparkling water flavor, but you'll experience the added health benefits. 

With all these CBD drink options, there's really no reason not to experience the upsides of CBD. Enjoy your favorite drink with all the extra health benefits, both physical and mental. 

6. Chocolate

Now that we've covered the extensive drink offerings, there are other edible ways to ingest CBD oil, including chocolate. 

Foodies even claim that these CBD chocolates taste as good, if not better, than traditional chocolate offerings. There are a wide variety of brands selling CBD chocolate with flavors ranging from peanut butter and jelly to classic milk chocolate. 

Make sure you read the labels of the chocolate brand you buy. Some brands offer CBD oils with THC, the ingredient that produces the high effect. Since this ingredient isn't legal in all states, make sure you know your local CBD laws. 

7. Eye Balm

Enough with the edible options. By now we all know that CBD has great health benefits, so hygiene products are a great place to incorporate CBD. 

CBD eye balms moisturize, protect, and refresh the sensitive skin under your eyes.

We've all had long days, or weeks, where the skin under our eyes is puffy. One simple pump of CBD eye balm subdues the puffiness. In addition, the hydration helps prevent wrinkles and restores your skin's natural balance. 

8. Lotions

Just like with eye balms, CBD oils lotions can help the skin on the rest of your body. 

If you suffer from pain or aches, grab a CBD oil that focuses on the healing powers. If you suffer from dry or scaly skin, there's a hydrating CBD lotion for that too. Or, if you just want a lotion to put on to help you relax, try a CBD lotion infused with lavender. 

Some people even use CBD lotion to help them sleep instead of ingesting CBD capsules or oil. 

If you're looking for something a little more personal, there are even CBD lubricants!

9. Pet Products

The CBD rage isn't just limited to human products. Pet owners have realized that their animals can also benefit from the healing powers of CBD and a whole range of CBD pet products has appeared. According to bmmagazine, the demand for CBD is going high on daily bases due to its healing effects for not only humans but animals as well.

If you have a nervous dog or bunny rabbit that suffers from separation anxiety, try a few drops of pet CBD oil before you leave for work. If your cat is old and has arthritis, pet CBD may help with their feline pain. 

Since the effects of CBD on animals is still being tested, consult your vet before you administer any CBD to your furry friend. 

Monetize the Strangest Products That Have CBD

What do all the strangest CBD products have in common?

Well, besides the ingredient CBD, they were all created after CBD oils started becoming popular. An entrepreneur saw an emerging trend and wanted to monetize it, creating a whole new product that people want. Today there are hundreds of top CBD companies around the world.

Cannabidiol Conclusion

This is a clever tactic if you're wanting to start your own CBD entrepreneur venture. Head over to the Business section of this site to get all the knowledge you need to launch your cannabidiol product or hemp business. 

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