7 Reasons Why Businesses Need Employee ID Badges

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Not only do employee badges streamline the security process, but they also let you track where your employees are.

Luckily, there are many ways to customize your ID badges to reflects your company’s branding, too.

Still not convinced about getting an ID for your company?

Here are seven reasons your business needs ID badges.

1. Security 

The most obvious point is security.

Employee ID badges give you instant identification for everyone in the building and can restrict employees from entering certain areas.

ID badges are a cost-effective way to secure personal details and any information you have in the building at all times. 

You can also get proximity cards, key fobs, and badges with personalized bar codes to heighten security. 

2. Improve Employee Confidence 

ID badges for employees make an office personable, which is something all businesses should strive for.

For example, it can be stressful for employees working in proximity to others because it’s easy to forget someone’s name or job title.

Further, employees can display their hard-earned titles. This will give them a boost of confidence and will strengthen their connection to your company. 

3. Boosts Company Morale  

Research shows that 61% of employees are more productive at work when the dress code is relaxed. 

Don’t want to enforce a uniform? Then implementing IDs is an easy way to make everyone feel like a team.

Wearing something that displays your company logo makes it easier for employees to feel more connected to one another.

Once employees feel like they’re on the same team, they’ll be more willing to work together and be more efficient.

4. Improves Customer Relations 

Being able to put a name and face to your company will improve customer confidence.

Staff badges are a quick way for customers to verify whether the person they’re talking to has the power to help them with the issue at hand. And if you get frequent customers, having an ID badge helps build rapport with your employees.

Further, employees are more customer-friendly when they wear a staff badge as customers can identify you if they want to launch a complaint.

Because of this, ID badges will make employees more friendly towards customers which is a win-win for your business.

IDs will also make clients trust employees far quicker as badges give them an aspect of familiarity.

Further, many companies use couriers or contractors, so it’s essential they have an ID card to prove that they work there. You should get lanyards so customers can easily see the ID card (plus, employees are less likely to lose them).

Also, you don’t want customers feeling confused or frustrated when they enter your workplace and can’t distinguish employees from clients. To combat this, order photo ID badges for employees so customers can familiarize and interact with employees. 

5. Employee Accountability 

Not only do IDs let you control where companies go but they let you keep tabs on your employee's whereabouts.

They also let you track an employee’s work duration from the moment they signed in to when they leave.

Scannable or swipeable ID badges give you extra transparency and will prevent employees from slacking off. It’ll also stop them from coming in late or leaving before their shift ends. Once they know that you can collect all this data, they will work harder.

This feature is essential for employees in sales or marketing as they are always on the move.

Now, with ID badges, employers can track employees to see how often they come into the office and how long they stay. This data is crucial when evaluating employees for promotions or seeing if they’re a valuable asset to the company. 

6. Quality Branding

When employees sport your company’s logo, it's a cost-effective and great way to promote your brand.

This is also effective when your employees have to go off-site and meet with other companies. If they wear your ID badge, not only will other companies know who to talk to, but they’ll learn about your business — especially if they wear their badge in full view for the entire workday.

You should customize your ID badges to build the quality of your brand.

Using the right colors and design will ensure others recognize your brand. You could also add your company's motto and logo for instant recognition. 

Photo ID badges also help build connections with other companies — not only to help network but, depending on your industry, you could get discounts or perks with other local businesses. Wearing ID badges for your employees will ensure everyone can take advantage of these perks when they're out and about. 

7. Professionalism 

Simply put, a professional-looking ID badge makes your business look good.

It must include your company’s name, logo, and employee’s name, position, and photo.

Further, a well-designed ID badge will make your company more enticing to prospective customers.

ID badges could even be a swaying factor in convincing a client to return and continue to do business with your company. 

So, When Will You Order Employee Badges?

From security reasons to being able to track who is showing up, employee badges are a great addition to any business.

They also personalize your company if you have no uniforms and help strengthen the bond between employees and customers.

You can also design them to help strengthen brand identity and make them professional to add to your business’s credibility. Happy business badge designing!

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