Running - The Cheapest Way To Stay Fit And Live Long

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There aren’t many physical activities that involve all parts of your body except for swimming and running. Both of these activities involve a lot of exertion and burn a lot of calories, thus helping you get into shape in a very small amount of time. In this guide, we will explore how running is the best and cheapest way when it comes to getting fit. 

Is Running The Cheapest Way To Get Fit? 

First, we will talk about the fact that how running is the cheapest way of getting into shape. Save for paying big loads of money on gym memberships or swimming pool memberships (in case of swimming), running doesn’t require you to spend much to get fit. All you need to have is a good pair of road running shoes and that’s that. Tie them up and start running. Here’s how it is going to improve your health. 

Does Running Help You Live Long? 

In the second phase, we will talk about the fact that how running helps you live longer. Explained below are ways in which running improves your physical condition, and therefore, helps you enjoy a long and healthy life. 

Helps With Blood Pressure / Maintains Cholesterol Levels 

First of all, running is very good for your blood pressure. A normal rate of flow of blood is crucial for a healthy living. With running, your heartbeat increases, so your blood will take more oxygen (per second) to your body parts. There the process of anabolic metabolism and formation of new cells will increase. 

Secondly, it maintains the levels of cholesterol in your body. This prevents the chances of blocking of arteries and saves you from heart attack. These two are the biggest benefits that one can reap from running several miles on daily basis. 

Stronger Joints And Core 

Another benefit that is seldom known to people is that it strengthens your joints and core. Running helps in the strengthening of your bones which are the steel framework of your body. If your bones are weak, you will have trouble with doing even the slightest of physical activities. So, stronger bones result in stronger joints and core which enable you to undertake any sort of physical challenge. 

Burn Calories / Stay Slim 

Obesity is one of the biggest health problems which are facing mankind today. Whereas, running is the ultimate solution to fight obesity. When you run, your body muscles undergo a lot of physical activity. Therefore, a lot of your calories are burnt within a very short period of time. So, more the calories you burn, slimmer and healthier you will get; and that too in a matter of weeks. 

Fight Stress / Reduce Depression 

Stress is a very common issue. It can easily lead to chronic depression and produce suicidal tendencies in its victims. Running is a proven remedy when it comes to fighting stress. Breaking a sweat and losing some pounds makes you feel good about yourself. Resultantly, your self-esteem improves. Therefore, you are better able to think and draw solutions about the issues which are giving you stress. 

Close To Nature / Good Mood 

Lastly, running brings you close to nature. Either you’re running in a park/ground or on the sideways of a lake/river, you will feel yourself to be close to nature. You will breath fresh air. As a result, you will stay positively energetic for the rest of your day. Also, when you will have an early morning run, your mood will become good and you’ll be ready to keep working hard for the rest of the day. This good mood and positive energy will help conquer your day. 

Final Thoughts 

There is no second opinion on the fact that running indeed is the cheapest way to stay fit and live long. All you need is a pair of right kind of shoes. Tie up those shoes and start running wherever you are. If you run several miles regularly, you will feel a notable difference in your physique, your mood, and your work ethics. To conclude, your whole view of life will change for good, if you will run daily.

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