Finding the Right Talent: Best Recruitment Software and Tools

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The recruiting process for any business is time-consuming when you are looking for the best talent to get the job at hand done. If you are having a hard time recruiting good staff, it might be that you are not using the right tools. 

Keep reading for the best recruitment software to make your job easier as a recruiter or headhunter.  

Best Recruitment Software for Agencies

If you are an agency that has to fill positions for clients then you need additional features geared towards specifically recruitment agency software. Agencies search large amounts of data which means that the software used has to accommodate to these searches.

Last but not least you will want to make sure that you have the extra features to handle client details. This means that a customer relationship management (CRM) functionality is in order.


If you are an enterprise looking for the best software to fit those needs, there are critical functions you want to make sure are included. The in house recruiting department will need to be able to collaborate and share applicant information with the hiring managers. 

This means that the recruitment software has to have strong collaboration features. An enterprise might also prefer to have a career page that is branded to the company along with internal job boards and an application portal.  

Having extra features like this will make it easier to hire internally and will also facilitate employee referral programs. 

Small to Medium Business

If you are a small to medium business you will have simpler needs. You will no doubt benefit from recruiting software just like enterprises and agencies will but will not find yourself needing complex systems. 

A smaller to medium-sized business will probably find it beneficial to integrate the current existing systems to use the existing data. If you have a small business then you might be able to get away with a free version of a recruiting software. Typically a free version will come with limited functions but as your business grows you can upgrade to have the functions that you need.


When you are choosing the best recruiting software, you want to make sure that you identify your goals and make a list of the features you must have. This will make it easier to narrow down your choices when you begin your search.

Research the potential software company. You want to look for any reviews and testimonials. Try to look for any reviews about their customer service to help avoid dealing with a company that is only out to make some cash.

Take into consideration software that will automatically give the applicant status updates on their application, and interview process. This will help make the current 81% of job seekers happier since they report that they would prefer to have more status updates.

Which Recruitment Software Will You Choose?

When you are looking for the best recruitment software you want to make sure that the one you choose fits your specific needs and narrow it down from there. Whether you are an agency, an enterprise, or a small to medium business there is a perfect software waiting for you.

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