5 Big Benefits Of Working With A Personal Trainer

benefits working with a personal trainer

You probably already know that a personal trainer keeps you accountable, provides you with expert help, delivers a personalised exercise schedule, and helps maintain your motivation in the gym. But did you know these other surprising advantages of hiring a personal trainer? 

A personal trainer boosts your health and well being in so many ways. Here are some of the most interesting reasons for working with a fitness professional. 

1. A Personal Trainer Matches Exercise To Goals 

When you first think about getting fit, you probably assume that going to the gym three times a week will give you the body of your dreams and put you in peak condition. But simply turning up, switching on the treadmill and getting out of breath for 30 minutes is not likely to help you meet your unique aims. First, you need to know what your goals are. Then, a personal trainer gives you the exercise schedule you need to achieve your dreams. For example, you are not going to meet your goal of core strength and flexibility if you spend all your time running. Everyone is different. Which is why your fitness regime must be tailored to your needs and your body. 

2. A Personal Trainer Helps Overcome Fears 

Many people have a deep aversion to exercise and the gym. They fear they will look stupid in front of fitter people. They have low self-esteem and don't want to be seen working out. Or, they may fear pain after a traumatic past event that caused an injury. It is not enough to simply say "get over it". A personal trainer works closely with the client to get to the root of the problem and offer solutions. 

3. A Personal Trainer Is Better Than An Alarm Clock 

You leap out of bed in the morning when you are excited about the day and what you have planned. You can achieve this seemingly impossible feat when you are working with a personal trainer, perfecting your fitness and getting your life back on track. A trainer is much more motivating than an alarm clock. You won’t want to let them down by skipping out on a session. And you will feel much more interested in exercising when you know it is making a real difference. 

4. A Personal Trainer Offers The Whole Package 

We now know that health is holistic. Fitness and exercise are only part of the overall health package. A personal trainer combines fitness advice with nutrition expertise and psychological support. Nutrition is important since an unhealthy diet will undo much of the advantages you gain from going to the gym. You need to know how to eat for your body type, levels of activity, and overall health. Nutrition support from a trainer is invaluable for building your healthy lifestyle. 

5. A Personal Trainer Is An Unofficial Life Coach 

Never underestimate the importance of being able to talk about your life and your dreams and fears with someone. Your personal trainer is not a qualified therapist, but you will end up telling them how your life is going and where you want to make changes. Talking helps combat loneliness and may give you the solutions you need to make a difference.

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