Your Crown Just Fell Out! What You Should (And Shouldn't) Do Now

what to do if tooth crown falls out of mouth

Crowns are often associated with root canals, but they can be installed by Dr. Joseph Kabaklian for a variety of reasons. These dedicated dental appliances are multi-taskers standing up to everything a normal tooth would withstand, yet even they sometimes fail. It might be a scary thing to see your crown in the process of coming out or even falling out of your mouth but there is hope if you know what to do. Of course, as with anything, there are some definite things you shouldn't do as well. 

Place The Crown In A Safe Spot 

When a crown falls out, you need to be quick and find it as quickly as possible. Make sure you search the area thoroughly to find if any pieces have fallen off. In certain situations, the crown might have shattered or lost important parts that split beyond recognition. For these situations, pick up what you can. Try to grab a sanitary pair of disposable gloves to pick up the crown. Since this dental appliance does go inside the mouth, it is important that you keep everything as clean as possible. Also, look for a sealable container such as plastic bags or boxes that will safely hold the tooth. Place the crown in the container and seal it up as tightly as possible; not only does it keep the crown safe, it also ensures you have it ready for an emergency repair. 

Call Your Dentist 

When the crown is safely in place, it is time to call a dentist. Be sure to explain the situation thoroughly, including how it occurred; if you knew the exact problem or moment that knocked it loose. At that time, your dentist will schedule an appointment or ask you to come in right away to begin the repair. They may advise you over the phone about what to do until you reach the office. In these cases, note each step and follow it as dictated by the dentist. If something changes while you are waiting to see your dentist, notify the staff. 

Find A Temporary Fix 

Sometimes it may not be possible to see your dentist on the same day as the incident. You do have options when this happens. Drug stores and other big chains carry options that work with you until a professional can fix the problem. Over the counter glues fill in as a temporary solution to the permanent materials found only in dental offices. The material of the best store products come in a clay-like appearance that can be pulled off and rolled into a ball. The ball is then inserted between the crown and the open gum socket to create a strong seal. You should clamp down hard in a clinched motion as long as possible to ensure the best adhesion in all parts. 

Your crown may be out of its space, but it doesn't mean you have no options. Reach out to your dentist and make sure they can help you correct the dental crown problem. Until then, you'll be surprised over the counter options that get you through until your dentist can fix the issue.

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