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Mental health issues can lead you to depression, stress, and in some worse scenarios, even suicidal thoughts. Dr. Alexander Alvarado is among many licensed clinical psychologists at Thriving Mind Psychology in SoHo and Midtown. The practitioners target a wide range of mental health issues to help patients restore the quality of their life. Let’s find out more about their practice. 

Meet The Providers 

The providers at the facility used evidence-based techniques ensuring patients receive quality healthcare. The physicians ensure that they enhance individualized care for each patient. Patients should schedule weekly sessions with their physicians. The facility understands the importance of finding the right service provider for each patient and finding one they feel comfortable talking to about their issues. Fill out the ‘Therapist Matchmaker Survey’ and wait for the patient coordinator to match you with a suitable physician. 

About Services 

The therapies offered at the center can help you deal with a wide range of mental issues. Some forms of therapy treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy, assessment, and couples therapy. You can also benefit from the services of a life coach, neurofeedback training, and group therapy. 

Some of the conditions these therapies address include anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), disruptive sleep patterns, depression, stress, trauma, panic disorder, phobias, fear of flying, anger management, challenges of identifying as LGBTQ, and many more. Also, if you are under a tight schedule, the physicians provide online video therapy for their patients. You can plan for a consultation to learn more about their services. 


The facility partners with Lyra Health, hence patients should inform them of their insurance company’s details. They check if it is part of Lyra Heath Network to access insurance services. Nonetheless, the facility is out-of-network for insurance companies not lying under Lyra Health. Check out the insurance form that patients should fill out on their online website. 


Thriving Mind Psychology appreciates reviews from their valued patients. Check out some of the testimonials from various clients about the facility. The center would also love to collect your feedback. 


The physicians at the center emphasize patient education through regular updates on their blog posts. Patients can learn more about the facility’s practice from these articles. Visit their website and look at some of these articles. 

How To Contact The Center 

Patients can reach either of the facility's offices through mobile or schedule an appointment online. If you have trouble finding the directions, check on some map directions provided on the facility's webpage. In case of any questions, comments, or concerns regarding Thriving Mind Psychology, send a message to your selected provider through the website. 

Clinical Psychologist Conclusion

To sum up, Thriving Mind Psychology offers top-notch services through their multiple licensed clinical psychologists across New York. The physicians address a wide range of mental health issues and address each patient's needs individually to enhance the effectiveness of their treatments. When you reach out to the center, they will direct you to your most suitable provider; one that you will feel free to express your thoughts with. If you wish to access the facility’s services, schedule an appointment online, or get in touch with the facility’s office through mobile.

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