6 Profitable Product Ideas to Sell

profitable product ideas to sell best products

Now is a better time than ever to start your own business and develop that product you have been thinking about for too long now. 

The global e-commerce market is forecasted to hit nearly $5 trillion—close to a 400% increase from seven years ago. The pent up consumer demand is creating the perfect situation for sellers. 

The tricky part is developing a product that people will actually buy, and you can make a consistent profit off of. Wanna learn how to create profitable products?

Keep reading this guide to discover some of the most incredible product ideas to sell that might just be the next hit.

1. Smartphone Accessories

Smartphones are a must-have nowadays to keep up with the demands of most people's busy lives. The number of smartphone users has been going up consistently for years - increasing 40 percent in the last several years. 

Accessories are becoming the new normal, creating a perfect selling opportunity for merchants to capitalize.

Not sure where to start? Check out the link and learn to make a product for yourself!

2. Designer Water Bottles

It may sound crazy, but a cool designer water bottle could be your path to financial freedom. 

Plastic water bottles are a problem. As more individuals are beginning to take notice, many are looking for alternatives. Now is an excellent chance to create a one-of-a-kind water bottle that people can use instead, all while saving the planet.

3. Online Education Course

If you are having a hard time coming up with new ideas for products to sell, consider selling your knowledge. The pandemic has made it challenging to learn in groups forcing many to look to alternative learning methods. 

Online education is becoming a go-to for many, and there can never be enough helpful content to learn from. If you have a particular niche that you are knowledgeable in, this might be a good idea for you.

4. Fitness Equipment

It may sound intimidating - creating fitness equipment. But it doesn't have to be the enormous metal machines you see at the gyms. 

Home gyms are exploding in popularity, and people are looking more for like

  • Fitness bands
  • Fitness apparel 
  • Ab training equipment
  • Gym bags
  • Jump ropes 
  • Grips

You might want to even look into creating yoga equipment. It is estimated that around 300 million people worldwide practice yoga, and it is only gaining popularity.

5. Blankets

Everyone loves a new blanket. In fact, people love blankets so much that the U.S blanket market has skyrocketed the past several years. 

Blankets are low cost, easy to make, and they sell really well.

6. Pet Accessories

Think about it, pretty much everyone you know has a pet of some sort. Pets make everything better, and people are willing to spend an amount on them. 

Beds, personalized tags, bones, and toys are just a few product ideas to make and sell. 

Looking for More Product Ideas to Sell?

Coming up with and creating an original product can sometimes feel like a difficult task. It can help to think of trends that are going on around you and capitalizing on what people need help with the most. 

Pets, smartphones, and fitness are great industries to look into when selling products online.

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