What Are The Best Laptops For Students?

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A laptop is almost an obligatory purchase for new students. They offer the kind of mobility and flexibility that a desktop machine can’t match. In the current economy, students are spoiled for choice, thanks to the incredible range of options available – both in the new and second-hand markets. 

Different students will have different requirements when it comes to a laptop. If you are simply going to be writing dissertations and watching Netflix in bed, then you might spend just a few hundred pounds. Students doing more technologically-demanding degrees in music production, visual effects, or architecture, might find themselves wanting to spend a little more. 

Let’s take a look at the standout student laptop choice in each category. 

Best Budget Laptop 

If you are willing to dispense with windows entirely, then you won’t find laptops much more affordable than a Chromebook, unless you are willing to go second-hand. You will find Chromebooks for less than £200 if you are willing to go down to an 11.6” screen – though at that size, the investment of just a little bit extra is surely worthwhile. A Chromebook isn’t going to do any serious number- crunching, but it will admirably perform basic tasks like word-processing. 

If you are worried about affordability, then short-term student loans might be the answer. After all, the cost of interest might be offset by the features you will get in a more high-end laptop. 

Best All-Round Laptops 

HP’s Pavilion strikes a winning balance between performance and price that will suit most people. It is a marked rise in price from the dirt-cheap Chromebook, but for that you will get better build quality, a more generous SSD, touchscreens and markedly superior performance. 

Best Premium Laptop

Dell’s XPS is the brand to beat if you’re intent on spending thousands. There are two kinds of XPS to think about, namely the 13 and the 15. The latter is larger, and performs much better. If you are taking a laptop on stage, or you are going to be running 3D software, it is worth investigation. 

What About Apple Laptops? 

Certain students will want to opt for an Apple product. You will pay a premium for the brand here, but for many, the chance to use proprietary software like Logic makes the investment worthwhile. Bear in mind, when considering the purchase, that the cost of maintenance and repair is often vastly disproportionate to the work being done – and Apple stores have gotten into trouble for pushing replacements for simple repair-jobs. 

So get to know your local laptop repair shop; it might be that you need to use them. Overall, Apple computers and laptops like Macbook Pros are usually overpriced and underperforming compared to their cheaper and less restrictive Windows counterparts.

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