Physical Therapy For Neck Pain

physical therapy for neck pain pt treatments

Neck pain cases are a major concern mainly because it affects approximately 30% of the US population in a year. It is usually mostly felt in the back of the neck near the upper spine region but, when some of your nerves are damaged, it can extend your upper shoulder, arm or back. Fortunately, you can treat chronic neck pain through physical therapy. In this post, we look at how a doctor of physical therapy in Greater Heights can alleviate your neck pain. 

Why Is Physical Therapy For Neck Pain Done? 

Although chronic neck pain cannot be treated completely through this method, physical therapy plays a significant role in enhancing neck function and structure for day-to-day movements. Physical therapy also: 

• Helps develop effective solutions for recurrent neck pain 
• Improves your neck and head posture 
• Alleviate stiffness and pain 
• Strengthens your neck and improves its range of motion 

When Is Physical Therapy A Viable Treatment For Neck Pain? 

Generally, physical therapy can be recommended as a suitable treatment option for a number of chronic conditions or illnesses. It could be recommended in the following situations: 

1.      Post-Surgery 

Some neck surgeries often lead to severe neck stiffness and pain, especially in the ensuing weeks and months. For such scenarios, physical therapy is used to improve neck function and reduce stiffness. 

2.      Neck Injury 

There are some injuries that can damage the neck’s soft joints and tissues, resulting in severe pain. Physical therapy helps alleviate neck pain and restore normal neck functioning. 

3.      Chronic Pain 

Recurrent or frequent neck pain tends to weaken your neck’s muscles. Physical therapy helps improve neck support and in turn becomes more resistant to pain. 

When Is Physical Therapy For Neck Pain Not A Good Idea? 

In some cases, physical therapy is normally not recommended for chronic neck pain as it may not eliminate pain or may result in further damage. Such situations include: 

·         Serious Underlying Condition 

If the immediate cause of neck pain is a tumor or infection, doing exercises cannot reduce the size of the tumor but could worsen the problem. 

·         Spinal Instability 

If your cervical spine is unstable or if spinal degeneration causes compression of a nerve root or the spinal cord, the spine must be first stabilized to prevent any further injury before physical therapy. 

Therapy Treatments For Neck Pain 

Generally, physical therapy treatments adopt an individualized approach. Your physical therapist customizes a suitable neck pain treatment plan based on your symptoms, functional goals, and diagnosis. Additionally, the main purpose of neck pain physical therapy is to develop a suitable strategy that reduces neck pain, restores neck mobility, and prevents recurrent neck complications. 

Your neck pain treatment plan may include: 

• Dry needling 
• Ergonomics 
• Home stretching program 
• Posture therapy 
• Aquatic therapy 
• Home exercise program 
• Manual therapy 
• In-office or virtual physical therapy 


With the numerous advancements in the world of technology, most people spend their time hunched over their smartphones or computers and, as a result, end up with neck pain. For individualized physical therapy for neck pain, consult Roy Rivera Jr., PT, DPT, MCHES, PhD, Jordan Boyd, DPT, CSCS, PT, and the highly qualified team at Crom Rehabilitation in Pearland and Houston, Texas. You can also schedule an appointment online or call any of their offices today.

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