How To Know You Are Having A Silent Heart Attack - 3 Signs And Symptoms

signs silent heart attack symptoms

When you experience a heart attack, your chest pain may not be intense. But, you should call 911 immediately. A Tomball, TX, nurse practitioner can take care of you and help you recover from your condition. Sometimes, you may not notice signs of sudden chest pain, leaving you confused about whether or not it is a heart attack. A heart attack can be a silent one, which means that you may not know when you have it. However, a minor myocardial infarction can still be dangerous and life-threatening. 

Even a silent heart attack is as damaging as an obvious one. Your heart needs a constant supply of oxygen-rich blood to function. However, plaque buildup in the arteries, which are blood carriers, can cut off blood flow to the heart. Since you may not notice a silent heart attack, it can lead to serious damage. And it can kill you when not treated on time. 

However, you can prepare for this type of small heart attack by being aware of the following signs: 

3 Signs And Symptoms Of A Silent Heart Attack

1. Chest Pain And Pressure 

Sometimes, you may feel sudden, intense chest pain when you have a heart attack, making it easy to recognize and seek help. However, the majority of heart attacks involve just mild pain or discomfort in the middle of your chest. Also, you may feel pressure, fullness, or squeezing. Such symptoms often begin slowly and may disappear and recur. 

Also, these signs can be due to heartburn. So, if you feel something is not right, see a doctor immediately just to make sure. You are better safe than sorry when dealing with a potentially deadly silent myocardial infarction. 

2. Body Discomfort 

Heart attacks can also impact other body parts such as your arms, neck, back, stomach, and jaw. These symptoms can vary by person. For instance, while some people experience back pain that feels like a rope tied around them, others feel heavy back pressure. Whatever symptoms you are experiencing, you should not ignore them. 

When you have a heart attack, you could feel dizzy or lightheaded and could faint. Also, if you have difficulty breathing, this could mean your heart is not pumping blood to other parts of your body. You can experience shortness of breath even if you don’t have chest pain and it can be a sign of silent heart attacks. 

3. Nausea And Cold Sweats 

When you feel nauseated, wake up in a cold sweat, or vomit, you may immediately think you have the flu. However, these symptoms can also indicate a silent heart attack. So, go to your doctor immediately to get an examination of your heart health

Help Your Heart 

When it comes to heart health and silent heart attacks, you can never be too careful. Visit your doctor often, practice a healthy lifestyle, and call a physician if you notice these signs or symptoms.

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