More Green Tea For Me!

This time of year most people are looking for two things, a stronger immune system and improved fat loss. One food/supplement takes care of both of these, Green Tea! Green Tea has a very high concentration of antioxidants which help to positively stimulate your immune system to fight off sickness. This is very important with the cold weather and Flu going around. Green Tea also has the highest concentration of ECGC, as well as small-moderate amounts of caffeine, that significantly improve fat-burning. While Green Tea may not miraculously burn 10 lbs of fat overnight, it is an excellent addition to a fat loss diet and exercise regimen. Green Tea is a cheap, healthy, and convenient way to boost overall health and metabolism. Try substituting a cup or two of Green Tea instead of your coffee to improve overall health. It is also available in supplement form (Green Tea Extract) but this is not as potent as the regular tea form. Bottoms up for better health!
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