The Rock On Steroids - Dwayne Johnson HGH

dwayne the rock johnson steroids hgh

The Rock On Steroids - Dwayne Johnson HGH

Is The Rock Dwayne Johnson on steroids and growth hormones? Say it ain't so! Yes our potential future president Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been using roids and HGH on and off since he played college football for the Miami Hurricanes and later the Canadian Football League (CFL). While he has great genetics and an unrivaled work ethic in the gym, his sheer size at age 51 is strong evidence of juicing, albeit with top of the line hormones and chemical combinations. 

Not many people his age can train as hard and heavy as he does without top of the line anabolic steroids ("testosterone replacement therapy" as the wealthy call it) and human growth hormones helping out. But anyone that takes a look at Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson knows he is not just taking TRT for low test, he is taking many strong drugs. 

It is easy to tell when a celebrity like Dwayne Johnson has been taking anabolic steroids, testosterone, and growth hormone. Despite being a lifelong athlete and weight lifter, by age 30 men start having decreased testosterone and HGH levels. The Rock is over 50 years old and despite having access to the world's best doctors, food, and training he would never be able to have the amount of muscle mass and low body fat simultaneously without chemical assistance. He is using small to moderate amounts of the most advanced roids, test, estrogen blockers, and/or human growth hormone at any given time while being closely monitored by doctors to minimize risks or side effects. 

He has even admitted to steroid use while playing football and in the WWE, and that he had surgery to remove fat from his chest (gynecomastia AKA gyno, a major side effect of steroid use). Dwayne Johnson obviously is a genetic freak, has trained hard his entire life, eats for performance and physique, but has had a little help from drugs many times in his life including now.

The Rock On Steroids

Do You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking? Testosterone

The Rock Juicing
I Can Smell What The Rock Is Cooking, TESTOSTERONE Jabroni!

UPDATE: He was just as big or bigger in Fast & Furious 6 and Furious 7 and F8, along with his new spinoff movie Hobbs & Shaw since he declined to be in Fast 10! The Rock is still a Wrestlemania Beast as well in 2023! He is almost a billionaire now and owns the XFL along with his ex-wife. Long live the People's Champion, 'roids and all!

So who sees a movie like "Fast Five", the 5th Fast and the Furious movie, with a plot so simple and unoriginal  that it could have been written by a 7 year old? THIS GUY! I actually did want to see this movie because both the pride of Vince McMahon's marketing machine (The Rock) and Vin Diesel were both in it, and I'm a sucker for dumb action movies (I loved The Expendables for instance, which had an equally predictable plot). So anyways, the plot was stolen from every other type of car chase and heist movie but I still liked it.

But I was amazed because he looked like he weighed about 285 in the movie, basically just a huge wall of muscle. Like I said, he made Vin Diesel look like a pipsqueak by comparison. Yes, Johnson has always been big and has a naturally gifted physique but he's also 39 years old and natural testosterone levels drop for most men in their 30's. He has also been a part of many organizations that have admittedly used steroids in the past (UMiami or any other Division I College Football Powerhouse for that matter, semi-pro football, and of course the WWE). 

We all know that Joe Rogan and many others knowledgeable about PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) call BS when it comes to the Rock's supposedly natural physique at over age 50.  A PED regimen is needed to maintain his level of muscle mass and definition simultaneously, just like Hugh Jackman or the Liver King Brian Johnson. Natural bodybuilding just doesn't do the job when you get into your 50s, even with testosterone replacement therapy and growth hormone therapy.

the rock testosterone
"I'm A Cop You Idiot!" - Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Did Dwayne Johnson just use a bulking up workout routine including heavy weights, compound movements, low-medium reps, and enormous amounts of calories? Did The Rock use some massive creatine stack to pack on 20-30 lbs of bulk muscle? Or did he take the quicker method of steroids or human growth hormone (HGH) to put on the freakish mass he displayed in the movie? We may never know about his exact steroid or growth hormone regimen, but you have got to see the movies to know what I mean, he is a monster! These pictures don't do him justice on the titan of testosterone along with top-notch fat-burners and caffeine

The Rock Is On A Combination Of Steroids, Juice, Growth Hormones, HGH, Testosterone, Creatine, Caffeine, And Fat Burners

the rock testosterone therapy
Fishing with Assault Rifles!
dwayne johnson on the juice
Know Your Role, and Shut Your Mouth!
dwayne johnson steroid abuse

The People's Champion at Wrestlemania in April 2011

I hope The Rock doesn't come and lay the smackdown on my Roody Poo candy ass for being such a jabroni and writing this blog post about his testosterone therapy, HGH use, or pure steroid use! If ya smeeelllllllalalalalala, what The Rock, is Cookin!

the rock before steroids and HGH
The Rock In His Glory Days as WWE Legend
vs. NOW

the rock on steroids workout

And just so you all know, I'm a big fan of Dwayne Johnson and all he's accomplished. I mean no disrespect to his incredible career and personally don't find anyone repulsive just because they took performance enhancers. We have all made mistakes and had to do things we aren't proud of! Testosterone and HGH doesn't change my opinion of him.

the rock abusing steroids

The Rock Has Weapons Of Mass Destruction: His Arms!

dwayne the rock johnson on steroids and creatine

Glad he is on Team Jesus, maybe he will forgive me for this post about him being on the juice and human growth hormone! But it is pretty obvious that Dwayne Johnson is on steroids, creatine, and HGH in 2023 to maximize muscle mass, strength, and low body fat levels.

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I hope you enjoyed this article on The Rock's steroid use to learn from his mistakes and successes and maximize your performance!

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