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Women are strong and beautiful no matter what shape or size! Many women can and do train and eat the same as men in many scenarios. Nearly all of the workouts and nutrition articles on this website apply equally to both men and women, but some women prefer workouts and dietary plans created specifically for women by other women. Luckily for me, over the last decade I've worked with some of the best female personal trainers, exercise instructors, nutritionists, coaches, and medical professionals. Enjoy this growing number of SheFit workouts and health articles written or demonstrated by women and for women. It's time to get SheFit!

- 4 Women's Fitness Workouts From Fit Coach Bernadette Moore 

- BeMoore Fitness Box Leg Day 

- BeMoore Fitness Upper Body Lightweight Circuit Workout 

- 7 Day Women's Workout Total Body Toning

- 10 Minute Toned Core Workout Training  

- 45 Minute Female Total Toning Workout

- Women's Intermediate Total Body Toning Workout Plan

- Women's Fitness Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain 

- Postpartum Running Timing & Frequency  

- Tips To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor 

- The Best Glam Jewelry For The Gym

- Use A Thyroid Guard During Mammograms & Other X-Rays

- The Great Fitness Experiment By Charlotte Hilton Anderson 

Top Ways To Maintain Healthy Youthful Skin  

- Winter Healthy Beauty Routine

Top Zumba & Pilates Wear 

- The Health Benefits Of Consistent Workouts 

- 4 Healthy Homemade Facemasks DIY 

- How To Achieve & Maintain Perfect Skin

- 3 Tips To Feel Healthier Inside & Out! 

- Tips To Have Healthier Hair 

- Quit Playing The Comparison Game With Other Women!

More Fit For Her women's fitness workouts and blog articles from fabulous female fit friends coming soon so you can get SheFit! Also view our beauty and fashion page and our dating tips.

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