Increase Daily Activity To Burn More Calories!

You may only think of going to the gym or doing some other organized activity as ways to burn calories and fat. While it is true that you should get in moderate-high intensity workouts each day, you shouldn't neglect your overall movement and activity levels that also account for a large percentage of calories utilized. I am talking about things that you do everyday such as walking from your car to your building, bringing in your groceries, walking the stairs, and everything of that sort. There are several easy ways to add to the amount of calories you'll burn on any given day. Try to park farther away so that you need to walk more to and from your car. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Put down the remote control and get off the couch once in awhile. If you work a desk job most of the day, try to make sure that you get up to stretch or take a lap around the office every hour or so. These methods may not work miracles, but every little bit helps!

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