Check Out THE FIT BIT Wireless Trainer: Calorie, Heart Rate, Sleep Quality, Pedometer Combo Monitor

Written By Adrian of BTM

I randomly found this the other day, it's actually made by a relatively recent startup company. The fitbit Wireless Trainer is a cool, little, wearable device that stores and tracks all of your athletic output. Calories, heart rate, sleep quality, number of steps you make, distance you travel, etc.

It's incredibly tiny, and connects to their online portal which allows you to track all this data and then evaluate if what you're doing is helping you reach the fitness goals you've set for yourself.

It comes with a base station for docking into your computer, and whenever you're within it's range, it automatically updates your information to their website. It's only $99, a great deal if you're looking for a way to track your fitness and see how you're improving in a clean, visual format.

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