Gym 1 Hour Cardio Cross-Training Medley Workout

For Cross-Training, Tri-Athletes, Tough Mudders, Spartan Racers, and Fat Burning.
For Intermediate to Advanced Endurance Athletes

Cardio/Sprint Workout:

Warmup 5 Minutes ArcTrainer w/Arms Resistance 30
Foam Roller 3 Minutes + Dynamic Stretch
15 Minutes Real StairMaster
10 Minutes Cardio Row Machine
15 Minutes ArcTrainer w/Arms Resistance 35 w/30 Second High Intensity Intervals Every 2-3 Minutes
10 Minutes Bike Resistance 12
5x 30 Second Sprints on Treadmill (Gradually Increase Up To 8-10 Reps, and incline of up to 3-4)
5 Minute Cooldown Treadmill Incline Walk Incline 4-5, Speed 4.0
Foam Roller 3 Minutes + Static Stretch

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