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Frugal Fitness Question:

During my last couple months of working out I'm noticing gains and toning / definition in all areas except my chest area, i'm getting gainz on the bench but as far as looks go i'm worried i may have too much estrogen conversion or a slight case of gyno going on, wondering if you had any tips to tone that area up, and/or tighten it down, i know diet and exercise is key, however i wanted to know foods to look out for or a targeting workout you might know of especially for that... thanks frugal fitness man I look forward to hearing from you.

Frugal Fitness Answer

I hear ya loud and clear man, I have always genetically had a large and very strong chest no matter what type of training I've done. I can do bench press with barbie weights or just high repetition sets of pushups and I'll have a big powerful chest anyways. This can be a good thing if you are into powerlifting or bodybuilding, not quite as good if you want a flatter, more toned and even chest. If you put on bodyfat, as I've done on and off over the past couple of years, your ripped chest will end up looking more like moobs than pecs. Unless you are on the Jersey Shore trying to pick up Snookies, or at a Creatine convention, not many people want to see that stuff.

tone up chest muscles
Chest Fail

Unless you have hormonal imbalances, have taken steroids or pro-hormones in the past, or some other sort of medication or medical conditions, you are probably not suffering from gynecomastia, aka "gyno" aka man titties aka man boobs (moobies), there are plenty of names for them. It's a good thing I've never used any roids or I'd have a rack as big as Brooklyn Decker's and muscles like a horse! Chances are, you just have some extra bodyfat combined with muscle mass and you need to lose that bodyfat asap.

tone up chest muscle
Piercing them doesn't make them look any better
Chest workout exercises are important to help tone up the area (keep the skin tight by causing muscle to protrude) but the man thing is to boost metabolism and burn fat to get rid of that fatty tissue. For this I would recommend speeding up your workouts, reducing rest between sets, and keeping the heart rate up. This will increase fat burning and turn your weight training workouts into more circuit training / cardio. You can also add in some cardio intervals of 1-3 minutes in between your weight training workouts to do that as well. 

tone up pec muscles
Sure They Look Great on Brooklyn Decker, Just Not On You!
As for changing your chest workout to promote more toning and definition to fight gynecomastia, I would do this:

-Train your shoulders (deltoids) first with heavy weights
-Do lighter weights and higher reps (15-20) for chest exercises
-Do more dumbbell presses and less barbell presses
-Do more incline chest presses and flies and less flat or decline (to potentially stimulate more muscle fibers in the upper chest)
-Do plenty of high rep sets of pushups
-Add in boxing with a partner, heavy bag, dummy, or with resistance bands
-Add in elliptical with arms and real push and pull the arm attachments for repetitive low resistance chest contractions

tone up chest area
We've Got A Bit of a Chest Situation Here
And as you mentioned, cardio and diet are crucial and can't be overlooked. 
On that note, I'm gonna go do some cardio haha.

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