Contributed By Samantha Zeigler, Author of Running and Cupcakes
I have not been myself lately. I’ve been crabby, unmotivated, and (worst of all) hungry. ALL. THE. TIME. As in marathon training hungry but I’m not training for a marathon…and yesterday I found myself raging at every driver on the road as I drove into work.
Bad stuff folks. Especially when coupled with my no running challenge (which by the way was supposed to be a month, not two weeks like I had initially written…). Tomorrow marks 3 weeks since I last ran (other than the VERY short distances I’ve been running as I try to break into running in Five Fingers…and that’s all on the treadmill…).
Winter blahs + No Running = Grumpy grumpy me.
I’ve felt this way for a week now and I’m sick of it, so I’m planning on shaking the winter blahs – effective immediately.
Step 1: No running doesn’t mean no working out, right?! I have been very good in this department – ever since I started doing kettlebell workouts with the bf (right after the new year…). I’ve worked out at least 5 or more times every week – some kettlebell, some cardio, some miscellaneous other weight and/or core training, and of course yoga. Today I had a moment of “Oh I’ll just take another day off since I’m so tired and so sore…” because I couldn’t find my P90X X-Stretch DVD. As upsetting as this is, it’s no excuse to skip a workout. I have to be back at work at 4, so prior to starting my afternoon shift I plan on hitting the elliptical for 30 minutes. No excuses.
Step 2: Stop eating so much! I worked so hard to drop 10 pounds over the holidays, I’m not going to let a case of the winter blahs put all that weight back on my body. Especially with all of the active events I’m participating in this year! I know I need to just portion out my food into “me-size” portions, eat that, and then step away from the food. No more extra unnecessary snacks. Especially while not running – NOTHING keeps my body weight down as well as running does!
Step 3: Spend some time outside! As soon as the weather goes back above single digits that is.
The bf and I may be going to Vermont next weekend with some friends – if we do, I think I’ll take a snowboard lesson, or maybe go snow shoeing. And if we don’t, well I’ll be over my one month no running limit so I will be out RUNNING!
I already feel better just after writing all of this out…
Does winter and lack of outdoor activity affect your mood? How do you deal?  

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