Your Questions Answered: How Do You Get A "Thinner" Upper Body?

To answer your question on getting a thinner upper body and misection, here are my recommendations (besides reduce beer and booze which is tough but very important): Running is a good way to burn a good amount of fat and calories but it is definately not the only way. You need a combination of cardio workouts and resistance training so that you can get the benefits of both types of training. The cardio (repetitive movement for 30+ minutes at one time with no stopping, elevated heart rate) will help to burn plenty of fat while you are doing it and will not add muscle. Resistance training will burn fat and carbs while you are doing it but also raise your metabolism up for up to 72 hours afterwards so you burn more fat and calories at all times even when you are sleeping! Try and do cardio 3 times per week and resistance training 2-3 times per week as well (30-45 minutes per lifting workout is fine). If you don't want to build up larger bulkier muscles than do light-moderate weights for 15-20 reps per set. Keep your rest time short between sets so you are constantly moving from exercise to exercise and no wasting time. Get in a wide variety of exercises including different types of cardio so your body doesn't adapt to a certain stimulus, you will then burn less calories once your body adapts. Do different cardio machines, speeds, positions, resistances, inclines, grips, etc to mix things up.

Doing tons of ab exercises will do very little for your midsection. It will not give you ripped abs but instead burn very small amounts of calories throughout your whole body which gives you very little results. You will get 2-3 times more results working larger and more numerous muscle groups with exercises such as squats, lunges, leg presses, deadlifts, rows, pulldowns, pushups, shoulder presses, etc. Doing a million chest exercises by itself will not give you a toned chest, you have to also do plenty of cardio and eat well. Same with any other muscle group or body area. Split up your meals, snack with healthy food in between meals, eat less later in the day, and reduce your carbs at night (no midnight beer and pizza). If you can do any boxing, speed bag work, jumprope, upper body ergometer, or elliptical with a lot of upper body involvement all of those are great for burning fat and getting a leaner upper body.

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