The Conversations of a Long Run

Contributed by Amanda Loudin aka Miss Zippy. 

When you're out there for hours, you can cover a lot of topics!
I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m on a long run with my friends, our conversations run the gamut. I think every topic is fair game out there and we manage to cover some serious territory, both literally and figuratively. Saturday’s long run was no exception, so I thought I’d share some of those topics:
  • Food
  • What Shalane Flanagan said to Kara Goucher at the end of the trials (I thought it was “I’m so mad at you,” but others corrected me that it was “I’m so proud of you.”)
  • Yaktrax vs. other brands (it was icy!)
  • Frozen snot on our sleeves
  • Food
  • Manpris and man purses (or is it capants and satchels, Chris?)
  • Runner’s World vs. Running Times (we definitely have a favorite!)
  • Push-up challenges (there’s rumor one of us does 250 push-ups/day)
  • Food
  • Weekend plans
  • A proposed education series (ahem, Chris)
  • Parenting strategies
  • Yoga
  • Bed bugs and MRSA
  • Food
  • A British guy who, for 8 pounds, will break up with a girl for other men
  • Food
Notice the overriding theme here? 
If you run with friends, what do you talk about on your long runs?

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