The Internet Is Teching Fitness To A New Level

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Fitbits, iWatches and portable mobile devices are common tools of modern fitness fanatics. To some, they are a sign of the times and an indication that technology is going too far. For others, they are necessary pieces of equipment which aid health and fitness. Whether they are good or bad is a debate which will rage on for a long time. One thing that is a fact, though, is the impact tech has and is having on health and well-being. Rightly or wrongly, the landscape has changed and is imperceptible now than it was a decade ago. 

Here is a small selection of the adjustments in the fitness and tech world. 

Effective Fitness 

In the past, people used to try to replicate a sport or activity as best they could. However, there was no way to tell if they were doing it correctly or not because instructors were scarce. Today, there are hundreds and thousands of experts all available at the click of a button. Just go to YouTube and you can find advice and videos to follow which will revolutionize your workout. The best online pole dance lessons are even online now, which seems counterproductive yet is popular. And, because everyone has an internet connection, instructions are available anywhere at any time. 


Exercise costs money unless you like to jog around the block. Even then, there are expenses such as clothing which can be a potential hurdle. In the past, the cash factor would have put people off working out and maintaining their health. The World Wide Web has changed this in some ways. For starters, online tutorials and gym classes are available online for free. 

A quick search will provide you with as many workouts as you need. Also, the online market has created competition. As a result, clothes are on offer at bargain prices. 

Fitness Tracking 

The average person hit the gym or pounded the pavement and that was that many years ago. Nowadays, the modern athlete keeps track of all of their excursions via mobile apps. Thanks to Strava and MapMyFitness, it’s possible to view a complete breakdown of a workout session. This allows people to understand how many calories they have burned and how long it took them to complete the plan. Better yet, it lets individuals analyse intensity and output to help them advance in the future. The result is a group of people who are getting harder, better, faster and stronger. 

24 Hours 52 Weeks 365 Days 

Gyms are like a food market now that they never close. Unlike a physical store, there is no reason for manpower at the gym. All modern organisations do in this era is to give members an electronic key card. That way, anyone can enjoy the facilities from morning through noon and night and back again. What this means is that fitness equipment is available to anyone with a membership 24 hours a day for 356 days of the year. Because there are no time constraints, people can exercise whenever they like. 

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how the internet is taking technology in the fitness industry to another level.

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